Johnson & Johnson allocates $8.9 billion to settle cancer claims –

    Johnson & Johnson allocates $8.9 billion to settle cancer claims –

    US pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has offered an $8.9 billion settlement to end all lawsuits in North America Selling talcum powder products, which has been accused of causing cancer. According to a press release from the same group, the settlement, which has yet to be approved by a court, will “fairly and efficiently resolve all claims” based on allegations that talc contained asbestos.

    Cancer allegations

    The case started since the accusation collected by some consumers: According to them, Johnson & Johnson baby powder may cause ovarian cancer, as it is used for feminine hygiene, and mesothelioma (which arises from epithelial cells and usually spreads to three areas of the body: chest, abdomen, and heart cavity), Because both of them have a direct relationship to asbestos. The company never acknowledged the error, which it called “deceptive and unscientifically proven” in a memo from Eric Haas, J&J’s vice president of worldwide litigation. But as of May 2020, the pharmaceutical group stopped the sale of the accused products in all territories of the United States and Canada, and then permanently removed them from all markets as of the beginning of 2023.

    One of the largest American compensation

    As of October 2021, J&J has proposed a $2 billion settlement, a number that has now been revised upwards by nearly four times and appears to have found support from more than 60,000 parties that have sued. The court will, however, have to express itself and Passing one of the largest product liability settlements in US history. The company specified that the proposed understanding is neither “an admission of wrongdoing, nor an indication that the company has changed its position and continues to assert that its talcum powder products are safe.”

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