Home science Jobs That Poison Your Brain: Some Are Unexpected (And Really Bad)

Jobs That Poison Your Brain: Some Are Unexpected (And Really Bad)

Jobs That Poison Your Brain: Some Are Unexpected (And Really Bad)

Certain jobs can be harmful to mental health, putting several more or less essential factors at risk.

lonely Theme sensitive this work. There can be many interpretations of this word which also appears in the first article of our constitution. But our republic will not be founded only on this side, but our entire existence.

Hard work for the brain
Jobs that poison the brain – Thewisemagazine.it

Work just doesn’t let you Take the bread home, is an activity that keeps us active, and that succeeds in expressing the best of his character and ability to serve good. But the fact remains: not all jobs are the same, and some of them can be really stressful, to the point of damaging brain function.

Here is a list of very demanding jobs that weaken our mind

No gossip but real scientific research from before Paris Brain Institute It was published in the Journal of the National Library of Medicine. In short, the study aims to make a classification of work activities that cause cognitive fatigue.

Jobs that blow up the brain
Jobs that poison the brain – Thewisemagazine.it

only the last, due to intense work activitywould have resulted in finding a high amount of glutamate in the lateral prefrontal cortex at the end of the day.

They underwent brain scans 40 people in the working phase. Large accumulations of glutamate were found in those who were in sectors requiring multitasking and problem-solving skills. This substance is eliminated during sleep and poses a potential health hazard.

The most stressful jobs are those that require constant decision-making efforts. According to team Paris Brain InstituteMost at risk: Ambulance drivers, airplane pilots, surgeons, and doctors in general. To these professionals, judges and air traffic controllers should also be added, and so on.

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These works may require more breaks between performances. Simply sleeping will help get rid of glutamate. Some disasterAnd inaccuracies, and why not, erroneous processes and judgments were caused precisely by the lack of doctors and judges. The buildup of glutamate triggers a regulatory mechanism that makes it difficult to restore proper cognitive function after a day’s work.

All of this would lead to decisions being made More impulsive and less “study”, which could endanger their health and, for some jobs, jeopardize the health of others. It is better to rest between one performance and another in order to better face the work.

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