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Jeff Goldblum stars in a new movie

Jeff Goldblum protagonista di un nuovo film

He will be in the cast of the movie based on Stephen Fry’s novel The Liar

The actor will be back on site soon Jeff Goldblum.

popular actor like Jurassic Park And famous movies like the fly By David Cronenberg will be one of the heroes alongside Asa Butterfield de the liarIt is a film based on the semi-autobiographical novel by Stephen Fry. The film will officially begin production in early September in the UK. Goldblum will play Professor Trefusis. The movie is directed by Tony Hager who also wrote the script.

The Liar is a story about coming of age and a spy tale detailing the reckless and ungodly life of Adrian Healey as he faces Cambridge school and university. In Cambridge, Adrian actually met the mysterious English professor Tryphosis, who could be a spy and could have recruited Adrian… The professor is surely the only one fighting the protagonist’s tendency as a forger by demanding that he produce for the first time something original.

“I cried with joy when I learned that Jeff Goldblum had accepted the role of Donald Trefusis,” the writer said. Stephen Fry to the deadline. “This uniquely perfect blend of power, weirdness, wit, humor, and charm is just what character requires…in your goodness.” “It is a pleasure to work with an authentic Hollywood legend who will bring the perfect mystery to the role of Trefusis. I can’t wait to see Asa and Jeff working together; it will be so special and so much fun,” added director Hager.

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