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Jeff Bezos praises Amazon Games, “After many failures we’ve had” – Nerd4.life

Jeff Bezos praises Amazon Games,

Jeff Bezos, founder and president of Amazon, took to Twitter for Congratulations to the Amazon Games team to launch new worldWhich is considered the first success after many failures.

New World servers officially opened their doors on September 28, and already registered over a million players on day one, which is a really impressive and unexpected result.

After many failures and setbacks in games, we succeeded. I am very proud of the team for their perseverance. See setbacks as useful obstacles to learning. Whatever your goals, never give up no matter how hard it is‘, the words of Bezos, who also attached two articles to the tweet to substantiate his claims. The first, by Bloomberg and released eight months before the launch of New World, states that Amazon was not at all suitable for producing games, while CNBC’s second praises MMO After opening the servers.

After the failures in Breakaway and, above all, from Crucible, New World has already been received more than positively. It must be said that the success of such an ambitious project as an MMORPG is evaluated in the long run. But if a good day gets off in the morning, New World at least got off to a good start in terms of sales.

However, the other side of the coin is that the high turnout, which may not have been anticipated by the company, has put Amazon Games in difficulty, with servers overwhelmed, queues for hours on end and developers having to fight those who pretend not to go to AFK not to sign out. .

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