Home entertainment Jeep Grand Cherokee L will have an additional passenger screen

Jeep Grand Cherokee L will have an additional passenger screen

Jeep Grand Cherokee L will have an additional passenger screen

In the automotive sector, screens are becoming more and more important for those who decide to buy a new car. These are now considered an indispensable component of cars, although sometimes they can be dangerous for the driver. these Show In fact, it increases the overall value of the vehicles and this is clearly considered a very important aspect by all car manufacturers. This is also the case with Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The car was shown a few months ago from pocketProvides the possibility of installing another screen for the front passenger, but only in the more expensive version Grand Cherokee Summit Preserve. This is an interesting novelty that certainly captured the imagination of North American customers of the Stellantis car brand.

The possibility of having a screen for the front passenger in the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L

The passenger screen will also be available on Jeep Grand CherokeeHowever, according to Mopar Insider rumors, it will only be an option available for some trim levels, which are obviously more expensive.

Apparently, the front passenger display will in fact be optional for the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Limited, Overland and Summit models. Mopar Insiders. It will have an option icon RJA It is said that in the US it will be priced at $1095.

Front Passenger Screen Sizes for Jeep Grand Cherokee 10.25 inches It has four main technical functions. It can act as a “pilot co-pilot” for device navigation and control, for entertainment (via HDMI), for Amazon Fire TV for cars and as a monitor for external cameras. The HDMI connector provides smartphone mirroring and other functions of Sistema Uconnect 5.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee
Like the five-seat model, the larger version of the Grand Cherokee will also have an additional screen for the front passenger

At this time, this option is not yet available in the configuration tool. You will likely have to wait a while before you can choose this option as it is of course popular Mopar Insider It will be confirmed. So we will see what other news will come about the new car pocketIt is a model that has met with some success in the United States of America And that’s getting ready to go down as well in our parts.

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