Home Economy Jack Dorsey’s first Twitter post sold for $ 2.9 million

Jack Dorsey’s first Twitter post sold for $ 2.9 million

Jack Dorsey's first Twitter post sold for $ 2.9 million

The post was sold as a so-called “non-exchangeable code” (NFT) or “non-exchangeable code,” which is a unique digital certificate that identifies who the photo, video, or other online content belongs to. The list dates back to December, but it caught the attention of many after Jack Dorsey himself tweeted a link to the sale page on Friday, March 5th.

A few minutes after the link was launched, the offers reached more than 88 thousand dollars; Then the next day it jumped to $ 1.5 million and then $ 2 million. Even after the sale, the 2006 post will still be visible to the public: however, the buyer will receive a certificate with a digital signature and verified by Dorsey, along with the metadata of the tweet. “Valuable by Cent” compares buying a Tweet to buying a signature or inheritance.

Under the terms of “Valuable by Cent”, 95% of the sale of a tweet goes to the publisher and the rest to the platform. Dorsey tweeted this month stating that the proceeds from the sale will be converted into bitcoin and given to GiveDirectly, a non-profit organization active in Africa that raises funds to support African families hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

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