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It’s amazing how cheap a bank account per year costs for a smart 3-step saver

It's amazing how cheap a bank account per year costs for a smart 3-step saver

It often happens that in order to be the owner of a post office book or checking account with a credit institution, you have to incur heavy expenses. According to data from the Italian Banking Association dating back to February 2021, there has been an increase in current account costs. This is definitely not reassuring news. Especially bearing in mind that at the same time, money is being deposited with banking institutions. However, it’s unbelievable how much it costs a small bank account per year for a smart saver that does three simple steps. And it is no coincidence that our experts also suggested:5 good reasons why it is better to keep your money in a checking account than to keep it in the mail book“.


In addition to the benefits of an account holder, it must be recognized that they often find themselves unnecessarily paying for the services and processes they never use. Most of the time it happens that the lack of interest on the part of the customer leads to the high costs to a significant extent.

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The most attentive consumer will undoubtedly be able to significantly reduce management costs. It is also important to know the offers and promotions of other lenders. Our advisors stress that it’s amazing how cheap a bank account per year can be for a smart saver that takes 3 simple steps.

The first step is to open an online checking account that from the start guarantees lower average administration costs than a traditional account. According to the latest estimates, the costs of opening and managing an online account correspond to one-tenth of the costs required to acquire ownership of an account with a traditional bank. This is equivalent to saying that if you need to pay around 130 € per year for a traditional checking account, only 13 € will be sufficient for an online account.

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It’s amazing how cheap a bank account per year costs for a smart 3-step saver

The second strategy that will be adopted to keep average management costs low is to transfer funds in excess of € 5,000. By investing in other products like insurance policies, supplemental pensions, savings plans, etc. You avoid payingTax fee Equal to 34.20 euros. Moreover, it is not necessary to request that an account statement and other correspondence be sent on paper, but only on the Internet. This is because the costs for the paper copy and sending of documents fall on the administration costs that are borne by the customer.

Finally, the winning move to avoid having to pay large amounts for bank fees is to never go to a credit limit. If this actually occurs in the red, the credit institution may charge very high interest rates. It is therefore recommended that any overdraft be carefully avoided. Rather, resort to a small loan from relatives or friends.


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