Italy’s women’s journey towards the World Cup finals in Australia and New Zealand

    Italy’s women’s journey towards the World Cup finals in Australia and New Zealand

    The next adventure National feminine italian ai world Cup. The tournament, for the first time in history with 32 teams, will take place between July 20 and August 20, 2023 in Australia and New Zealand. Italy will face it Sixteenth power affiliate FIFA rankingsWith a different consciousness acquired thanks to the events of recent years.

    Without going too far into the past, we can go back to the previous World Cup, the World Cup 2019 In France, from which many things have changed. The Patriot, who is able to surrender the living against him Dutchman She reached the final of Miedema and Martens, and was in her first official World Cup outing. There was the European Championship in 2017, but the situation for women’s football in Italy was still far from the current one.

    hack with Professional In the summer of 2022, deviate, definitively, on the path of movement aimed in the shortest possible time to reach European excellence (Barcelona, ​​Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Lyon, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, Wolfsburg). The best results at club level are compiled by Juventus And Rome who, for two consecutive years, has brought an Italian team to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, allowing members of both teams to fill in the experimental baggage often needed to make a leap in quality.

    Expectations are high for the World Cup to be held in the summer. Both because finally the championship in Italy is no longer just a black and white question, and because growth Women’s football Italian is visible to the naked eye (just turn on the TV). The Blues’ path was perfect, with the stigma of the European Championship in the middle which could add an element of “redemption” to the next competition. As is Eligible Italy in the World Cup July?

    Ten matches, nine wins and one defeat, at home against Switzerland. Switzerland returning as a potential window to the national team in general, but as far as the women’s team is concerned, failed to spoil the plans of Melina Bartolini’s Blues. A journey that began on September 17, 2021 against Moldova and ended on September 6, 2022 against Romania, with the European disappointment still on my stomach.

    Italy’s ten World Cup qualifiers

    Italy – Moldova 3-0
    croatia – Italy 0-5
    Italy – Croatia 3-0
    Lithuania – Italy 0-5
    Italy – Swiss 1-2
    Romania – Italy 0-5
    Italy – Lithuania 7-0
    Swiss – Italy 0-1
    moldova – Italy 0-8
    Italy – Romania 2-0

    Demonstrations of strength and ambition in different periods of the qualifying stage with acceleration in the final stage. Just 2 goals conceded and 40 goals, An accurate average of 4 per game. A year has passed since the beautiful Christiana networked They walked From a free kick in the decisive match in Switzerland.

    Instead, the match that gave the Blues official status in the upcoming World Cup dates back to the beginning of September. in Ferrara, Italy with 12 from 4 p.m He took over the stadium belonging to Roma and Juventus and dominated Romania by closing the match with a goal in the first half and one in the second half. Feature signed by Valentina lilies And always seasoned with yellow and red sauce, with the help of Giada Gregory, and the final double with a terrifying long-distance hit by Lisa. Poaten.

    In between, she wrapped up a European Championship in the group stage with no win against her FranceIceland and Belgium, Some criticism of the administration and a relatively long period, from October 2022 to February 2023 without winning. The last round saw Italy beat Colombia 2-1 in a friendly match, a match specially chosen to try to face the “World Cup” side, the manager said Melina Bartolini To the microphones of the International Federation of Côte d’Ivoire: “The choice of Colombia was not accidental What awaits us in the World Cup. The team inside was in a very hot and dirty match. Football is also that good“.

    A training course for Italian women and a press conference | Tulio M Puglia/Getty Images

    There’s still a few months to go until the World Cup, but there’s clearly already been talk of call-ups: “This race has given me some important answers, it will be Hard to choose 23 Also because the girls are good and the boys grow well and have joined the groupThe qualifying process was perfect, so where will Italy be able to get to next summer?

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