Home Tech Italy’s Olympic Opening Ceremony Chooses Kingdom Hearts

Italy’s Olympic Opening Ceremony Chooses Kingdom Hearts

Italy's Olympic Opening Ceremony Chooses Kingdom Hearts

In these hours the opening ceremony Tokyo Olympics 2020. I also’Italy Obviously, he participated in this event, thanks to the presence of a decidedly large delegation.

Various national teams are showing off the concert and it seems The video game is the ultimate hero of the event, thanks to the choice to include some of the popular music tracks taken from successful titles.

Thanks to the list that appeared in Twitter A while ago, it appeared that the soundtrack of Final Fantasy, Near e Kingdom Hearts, the last “touched” by the Italian national team.

Sora and Mickey & Co.’s adventure has become. Actually trendy on Twitter in record time, to show some interest in the thing from the audience all over the world.

As they pointed out on social media, there is a simple mistake: for Langerhans Not the “starter” track was used, but the one called “Inishie no Uta”.

As for Italy, the musical theme is taken from Kingdom HeartsIt’s about the song, specifically Olympus Coliseum, I heard in the first chapter of the series in the animated world of Hercules.

A little later, you can admire for yourself the moment when our national team entered the scene at the Olympics, on the notes of the maestro Yoko Shimomura.

Other Japanese video game stories chosen for the opening ceremony are many: here My voice a monster hunter, passing through A.Fighting Tales Eleventh Winning Fantasy Star even gradius.

In short, he was chosen to honor in the best possible way Some of the top video game stories from The Rising Sun..

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If you’re a fan of other Square titles, we remind you Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Remake Available on PS5 starting June 10, 2021 (If you want to know more, stay tuned Our review).

But not only that: fans of the series They will be able to get a mobile version of Adventures of Cloud and Partners as well Private property battle.

Finally, I also read that a file Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered, a compilation containing some classic chapters belonging to the series, It can also appear on unexpected platforms?

If you are a fan of traditional RPG games, take a look at Bravely Default II On the Nintendo Switch.

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