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Italy’s G20 pride: praise rains down on recovery

Italy's G20 pride: praise rains down on recovery

He sends Joe Biden, who has landed in the night, to say, “Good job, Mario.” On the other hand, Vladimir Putin will not come, but he “congratulated”. As for the Europeans, it is Ursula von der Leyen who is losing her balance. “Cooperation with Draghi at the G20 is excellent. Without the basic preparatory work done by the Rome government, it would not be possible to discuss Covid, recovery and the environment.” Surprise, the greats come and find a different country. The slash is no longer in eternal trouble, the pizza-mandolin-caprese moon has disappeared only the boot and many debts, and now the owner is strong and well-established in Palazzo Chigi, engaged in a series of repairs. He does not have to ask and take orders, on the contrary, he is the one who leads the economic recovery and sets the agenda.

Another Italy? The data speaks volumes. Eighty-six percent of the population vaccinated, six percent growth OECD estimates for 2021 All PNRR projects delivered regularly, restaurants crowded, viruses under control, industries and stores open, tourists in museums, accounts in order, green lane became a model. naturally. There are some street clashes with the harshest faux pas, some problems with unions over pensions, and some political turmoil, but the prime minister continues without breaking. Rome, for once, appears by cards in order.

SuperMario effect? Low profile picks and gives all the credit to the citizens. “I would like to thank the generosity and selflessness of the Italians, who showed how we know how to unite during difficulties. Today, as a result of the vaccination campaign, we have overcome the most difficult moments. The country reopened and started again, but we cannot forget those who suffered and are still suffering.”

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Here, in Military Rome, are the G-20 leaders whom Draghi welcomed to discuss taxes, the economy, the environment, and living in Afghanistan again. Putin and perhaps Xi will call remotely from Moscow and Beijing, and the others are all here. Eve is a whirlwind of bilateral meetings. We begin with Joe Biden, who will be received by the Pope this morning and will be at Chigge Palace in the afternoon. The Italian Prime Minister will also meet with India’s Modi and United Nations Secretary-General Guterres. Instead, Berlin labeled the odd couple, outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel and incoming Social Democrat Schulz, as a “sign of continuity”. Then from Erdogan to the South Koreans, from the Argentines to Singapore, and from Macron to the Arabs: a weekend filled with meetings at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Eur, with an official lunch at the Quirinale.

The summit will focus on the themes of the three themes, as summarized by the Italian presidency: people, planet and prosperity. The main challenge is the epidemic. “One of our goals – says von der Leyen – is to vaccinate the world, help developing countries, and quickly reach 70 percent of the population.” The G20 will also talk about how to increase minimum taxes for multinational companies. “We are close to a historic agreement – explains the EU president – and we will discuss a global recovery by reducing energy gaps and costs.”

In addition to climate, Afghanistan, terrorism, new technologies. Complex problems, Draghi said in Parliament, “transcend national borders and must be addressed categorically and simultaneously.” On Sunday, the budget was already successful, but Palazzo Chigi managed to make such a summit.

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