Italy Outlet: Exclusivity, Multiple Experiences and Digital

    Italy Outlet: Exclusivity, Multiple Experiences and Digital

    A new way to involve the purchase and allows the customer to dialogue and evaluate the situation, for the bravest by putting their face and their story in it, in shopping castles, outlets with huge multi-branded spaces created to promote and sell affiliates of the brands but also integrate and spread the culture and traditions of the area in which they reside.

    The advent of mega-outlets, initially active in conglomerating buyers in one place attracted by the group and through group discounts or promotions, was certainly a pre-technological revolution in the way group shopping narratives and culture were conceived, along with an excess proliferation of low-cost labels circulating in the whole world.

    Immediately impressed by it, visitors were transported to these colorful private areas closed to traffic where everything invitingly arranged and offered for purchase at ease and at reduced prices beckoned them.

    Today, after overcoming the pandemic crisis and not the economic crisis, the way customers use it has become more sophisticated and refined, mixed with digitization, which concerns the entire physical trade and from which the world of outlets is not excluded.

    A double challenge looms nowadays, for everyone and everywhere, of maintaining a decent medium delivery and those of implementing the relationship with digital: from touch screen and click and collect services, e-commerce and customized applications, to the general use of the Internet as a means of retraining and marketing.

    However, all champions and investors in the Outlet segment agree to underpin the future longevity and important resource of live experience excellence inherent in malls, destinations that will continue to attract consumers – even if brands reduce physical distribution networks – ready for longer visit brands. And enjoy the diverse experiences offered by culture and entertainment, including various additional services.

    The McArthurGlen Group, founded by Kaempfer Partners and leader in Designer Outlets in Europe with over 685,000 square meters of retail space and previous annual turnover of €5 billion, is in a joint venture with Simon Property Group Co. Destinations use, including gastronomy and leisure. Citing the opening of the new McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Paris-Giverny in April 2023, the Italian outlet sector is focused on promoting local diversity and uniqueness. For example, the McArthurGlen Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet supports the concept of ‘design takes you somewhere else’ by telling the beauty of the area through the visual journey of the photographer. James Gandola, on site and in SPARC, contemporary art space for the Venice Design Biennale, 18th edition of the Architecture Biennale. Other Italian spaces, in Barberino, Castel Romano, Lariggia and Serravalle, are also set to take part in the cultural, artistic and social themes of the region.

    Fidenza Village, flagship of the Bicester Village Shopping Collection by Value Retail, believes in the idea of ​​out-of-town excursions that offer a luxury shopping experience but can also include participation in a cultural or food-related tour. And maybe well-being.

    An in-depth analysis is being done by Arcus Real Estate (a galaxy of Percassi group) which owns Torino Outlet Village, Sicilia Outlet, Orio Center, Roma Outlet, San Pellegrino Outlet and Westfield Milano projects. General Director Luka Nasi He specifically sees them as powerful opportunities to elevate the aesthetic quality of the area. The newest Turin Outlet Village, created by the architect Claudio Silvestrineis a long open-air promenade of more than 90 stores that invites you to stroll in luxury, relaxation and stimulation, with discounts all year round, which will be followed by the long-awaited Westfield Milano, one of the coolest and most ambitious in Europe.

    “During the first months of 2023, it was confirmed that attendance, average spend, and sales turnover increased by double in terms of the number of visitors and sales turnover, compared to 2022. The data shows how highly motivated customers are to buy and that they are more attentive than ever. On proposals in terms of supply and quality. We are therefore preparing excitedly for the challenging months ahead, in particular the opening of 35 new stores in Sicilia Outlet Village and further expansion in Turin. All product categories are doing well, from the strong pullers of luxury, to casual wear and sportswear, as well as the category associated with the home world, in a continuous positive trend.”

    Even regarding a major change in client type and future expectations, there is no shortage of answers.

    Sophisticated, informed, attentive and demanding, not only in terms of product presentation and quality, but in terms of social and environmental values, the customer chooses the brand to which he becomes loyal in a more comprehensive and multi-channel way. For these reasons, retail marketing and marketing strategies must increasingly focus on the “customer” and integrated with technology and the online world. The discount is important, as well as the best in-store service, in a more qualitative and interactive approach, as happens with the “Vip Club” loyalty programs, thanks to which you get prizes, benefits and participation in events, with prestigious partners, since the customer increasingly wants to feel unique. Kind, spoiled and known. We have a rich calendar of sporting, entertainment and cultural events, with a strong identity of values. In Turin we are sponsors of the Nitto ATP Finals and in Sicily we are an attractive open air art fair ».

    The future, for Arcus Real Estate, will be multi-channel, touring, experiential, familiar.

    «I think it is necessary to move quickly compared to the past, in order to be able to find innovations and implement them in the show effectively – explains Luke Nasi – also for the valuable assets of interest to the younger generations. Our larger mission is to create an experience that goes beyond just shopping and focus more and more on drivers of return and loyalty, incorporating regional events and features. The combination of ‘person and technology’ will become increasingly essential, with more points of contact both digital and physical, both with our partners and with the end customer.”

    Blessed Conticelli, The new CEO of Land of Fashion Outlet Management, a company controlled by Blackstone funds (outlets located in Franciacorta, Valdichiana, Mantua, Palmanova Friuli and Puglia Village), also maintains that the physical experience in shopping castles is destined to remain essential, even if you Need to know how to invest in terms of retraining and marketing. In short, we will move from the concept of a pure outlet, with its various classic product categories, to a place where we need to offer services that are unique and above all (for example, for them, pharmacy, reading rooms, cinema, tailoring, children’s-sitting and electronics), intercepting Customer expectations in a dynamic way and on multiple key points.

    «Land of Fashion Villages is a case history with a proven track record of success since its inception in 2015, in which all partners (tenants, customers and investors) participated and enjoyed the continuous growth of economic results and image. The five Italian villages are strategically located in the heart of the main tourist destinations that have an impressive artistic and cultural richness and a wonderful panorama. Each “land” hosts the best and noblest expression of a great variety of excellent food, hospitality and the best retail; We are the second most important wallet in Italy. Overall, traffic and sales in post-pandemic 2022 grew by 25% and the start of 2023 was very positive with a trend of +24.4% which in food and beverage became double digits: +30%. Our well-established mix of marketing, tourism and shopping is able to attract and satisfy different goals for visitors, with quality and diverse experiences.”

    The product category that shows good and consistent performance is undoubtedly the sportswear category, but there are surprises in the increase of electronics, formal and festive wear, travel products and outdoor products.

    Guests attending Fashion Village Fashion Villages come from all over Europe, particularly from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, England, Slovenia and Croatia, and a percentage of visitors are from non-EEC countries such as the Middle East and the United States.

    This is because the relationship with the guests is very precise and is considered a long trial journey, followed by physical and digital services, among the latter, for example, smart shopping with boutiques via WhatsApp or e-mail, and virtual appointments with experts even from the comfort of home.

    “Exclusivity is Today’s Rebellion” quotes the message that has been the guiding spirit of the events organized: an immersive outdoor art exhibition with light installations and monumental paintings (Palmanova), and rotating installations by artists from the territory (Laura Serafini, Simone Anticaglia, Maurizio Rapiti, Elia Alunni Tullini, in Valdichiana) or botanical art creating botanical gardens and plants in artworks elsewhere.

    Which specializes in offering exclusive experiences in the panorama of luxury shopping, The Mall Luxury Outlets, in its two Italian branches, The Mall Florence and The Mall Sanremo, offers an escape from everyday life to discover the charm of the seductive Tuscan lands or the flowery Ligurian hills.

    George MotaGeneral Manager, can count on the return of tourist flows from almost all over the world (Italy, Europe, USA, Middle East, Korea and Singapore) who love high quality, beauty and experiences of regional excellence.

    The audience, heterogeneous in terms of age and gender, ranging in age from 20 to 45, seeks the total look and ready-to-wear pieces. There is no shortage of Gen Z teens or more mature folks, with top spenders both international and national, from Arabian princess to French artist, Monaco entrepreneur to local client.

    The frequency of visits from loyal customers is very high, thanks to The Mall Club’s loyalty programs and ever-growing events. How can you resist the true taste of a Florentine steak or a Russian gamberi, or the charm of whales that you can see on a boat instead of hunting for truffles in the Chianti forests?

    about the future and digitization, Mota She seems to have very clear and physical thoughts.

    “Our desire is to be able to make the most of the time that our guests invest in us, and to offer them amazing and always new experiences, along with the tourist destination and the time they spend in shopping centers. The digital channel cannot replace the live experience. The Internet becomes very useful in reaching out to the world and inviting them to come visit us. We will also be active in remote or online purchases, but we will leave the main platform for the desire to come and experience Italian experiences, places and beauties firsthand. We adopt technology imperceptibly, to further enhance expectations of the real experience or to make services more customer-oriented, in an effort to digitalize the experience rather than the other way around. If the customer is mainly guided by the discount, today we are moving in search of something that will amaze, break boredom and emotions. Ironically, the central role of shopping is diminished in favor of specific experiences tailored to each guest, and this also has a strong positive effect on shopping itself. This is the evolutionary path that we have been following for several years now, which is to create carefree and happy places, where you can constantly surprise yourself and where you can always be the special and unique center of attention ».

    Benedetta Conticelli – CEO, Land of Fashion Outlet Management

    Luca Nasi – Managing Director of Arcus Real Estate

    Giorgio Motta – General Manager The Mall Luxury Outlets,

    Land of Valdichiana Fashion Village

    Land of Palmanova Fashion Village

    Florence Luxury Outlet Mall

    San Remo Luxury Outlet Mall

    Turin Outlet Village

    Sicily Village Outlet

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