Italy, goodbye to the “New Silk Road” with China to make a potato chip agreement with Taiwan?

    Italy, goodbye to the “New Silk Road” with China to make a potato chip agreement with Taiwan?

    Farewell to the Belt and Road Initiative (New Silk Road) with china to Strengthening our position in the world of semiconductors. As I mentioned bloombergthis will be some synthesis private talks between Italy and Taiwan, More specifically between representatives of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy with their Taiwanese counterparts.

    New Silk RoadA strategic initiative by the People’s Republic of China to improve its trade links with Eurasian countriesEarly 2019 Conte’s first government signed a memorandum of understanding with China To join the project, going in a completely different direction than other G7 countries.

    An event that created a sensation and will be back on the front pages of newspapers because The agreement will expire in March 2024 The government will have to Decide whether to allow it to auto-renew or cancel the subscription.

    Farewell to the agreement with China, the rumors could lead to greater cooperation on issues such as Semiconductor production and export from Taipei to our country. Moreover, Taiwan would like to open a second representative office in Italy, in Milan.

    On the other hand, from 2019 to today, the scenario has completely changed, even the economic terms: If 4 years ago the agreement with China, however controversial and questionable it was, could have made sense to support investments (even if the effect was negligible at the moment) Today, there are European funds like those of the PNRR to help Italy.

    At the same time, maintaining an agreement with China in the face of a possible invasion of Taiwan could lead to embarrassment and tensions with Western partners such as the United States. Certainly not easy decisions for Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. According to Bloomberg’s sources, no final decision has been made yet.

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