Italy at night captured from the International Space Station thanks to Samantha Cristoforetti

    Italy at night captured from the International Space Station thanks to Samantha Cristoforetti

    In recent days there has been talk formulations Director General of Roscosmos and Russia’s withdrawal from cooperation for International Space Station. later appeared with “After 2024” The period between 2028 and 2030 was supposed to be due to the construction of the new orbiting space station ROSS, which would not begin its operational life before that period.

    Nikon d5

    This means that IS There are still a few years left (until 2031) to continue the work and achieve more and more scientific repercussions for all of humanity. From this distinctive point of view, it is possible to witness unique scenarios demonstrated by the astronauts through photographs that are difficult to compare. between Pictures Acquired in July 2022 from IS There is also thatItalia Shooting at night with illuminated cities.

    Image of Italy at night from the International Space Station

    As written, the Photography It was dated July 4, 2022 and Sees almost completeItalia captured night (Except for a small area between Mazara del Vallo and Agrigento). how to read In the official description Introduction of NASA The 261-mile International Space Station has captured the lights of Italy, including the French island of Corsica, the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily. [ndr. circa 420 km] Over the Mediterranean in flight at a tropical sunrise. Up front at the top is part of the Candarm2 robotic arm..

    NASA Ace Italy Cristoforetti

    Click on the image to enlarge it to maximum resolution

    This is not the first time that our country has been taken over IS But it’s always one “A feast for the eyes”. As written on Flickr, a DSLR Not particularly modern but still very reliable: it’s a file Nikon D5 Launched in 2016 Sophisticated eyeliner and spearhead of the Japanese manufacturer.

    on aboard of the plane International Space Station There are several Nikon cameras (Ten D5s arrived in 2017) and related objectives. One of them used to picture this news. always one Nikon D5 It has also been used during extra-articular activity (EVA) byAmerican astronaut Jessica Meir who also took Photograph while he was out IS.

    to make Photography FromItalia From International Space Station An AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D IF-ED lens was used which allowed a wide angle of view. The shooting settings indicate how to set the focal length to 17mm, the aperture to f / 2.8 with an exposure time of 1/4 inch and an ISO sensitivity of 20000. According to EXIF, it was also possible to take the photo itself. by an Italian (and European) astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Which, since the end of April 2022, has been on board IS for the Crew-4 mission.

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