Italian women enter the quarter-finals of the group sword test – OA Sport

    Italian women enter the quarter-finals of the group sword test - OA Sport

    A good start with the blue sword touch in the 2022 World Fencing Championships. to Cairo (Egypt) Alberta Santuccio, Rossella Viamingo, Federica Isola and Mara Navarria They passed the first two rounds of the team test without major problems and so they passed Tore the pass to the quarter-finals to be held tomorrow.

    In the first match of the day, or in the round of 32 against Uzbekistan (Dilnaz Murzateva, Veronika Rozhkova, Sivara Rakhimova), She led Italy from start to finish and clearly established itself Against 45-22 thanks to the trio of Santuccio, Viamingo and Isola.

    It was then a round of 16 round against Romania (Bianca Peña, Alexandra Predesco, Greta Ferris), after a 45-35 win over Canada. Here Navarria took the place of Santuccio And the Bilanists took control of the conflict. The Blues broke into the fifth attack (with Viamengo finding 10 hits against three Ferrys) and then managed to prevail until the final 45-28.

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    Thus, Italy will face Switzerland tomorrow in the quarter-finals (Seeded No. 10), victorious from eighth place over China with a score of 43-41. The other neighborhoods will be Korea, Hong Kong, Poland, the United States, Ukraine and France.

    Photo: Federscherma – Bizzi

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