Home Economy Italian Stock Exchange, Commentary on Today’s Session (14 April 2021)

Italian Stock Exchange, Commentary on Today’s Session (14 April 2021)

Italian Stock Exchange, Commentary on Today's Session (14 April 2021)

The major indices on the Italian stock exchange and major European financial markets continue to report partial differences. In Piazza Affari, the increases in Fineco and Tenaris stand out

Admission - Italian Stock ExchangeThe major indices on the Italian stock exchange and the main European financial markets continue to register changes fractional. Piazza Affari travels just below standard.

Every 12.10.2009 The FTSEMib index fell 0.2% to 24,550 points While the whole stock lost 0.19%. Slightly beyond parity, medium (+ 0.09%) and a star (+ 0.09%).

The Bitcoin It jumped over $ 64,500 (about 54,000 euros) and touched an all-time high, now set at $ 64,788, on the day Coinbase, a cryptocurrency trading platform, will appear on Wall Street.

L ‘euro Exceeds $ 1,195.

In FTSEMib, the rise Moncler (+ 1.48%). Remo Ruffini’s group title is benefiting from positive signs from LVMH yesterday evening. The luxury giant released its preliminary quarterly accounts, which showed a remarkable acceleration in US trading volume. The signals were evaluated positively for the entire sector.

Also good Finecobank (+ 2,3%) e Tenares (+ 2.07%). The latter is the subject of two positive reports.

It is among the banking commodities M (+ 4.24%). The stock is benefiting from a period of upbeat pending news in the context of consolidation operations for players in the banking sector. Investors also remain vigilant, waiting to understand the positions of Executive Mario Draghi in managing the Treasury exit (currently Montebachi’s largest shareholder) from Sienese Bank’s capital.

In light red EXOR (-0.08%) Agnelli Holdings acquired a 24% stake in Christian Louboutin, with an investment of € 541 million.

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Still shopping on Todd (+ 3.9%) after rising recorded in the last few sessions.

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