Home Economy Italian Post on alert: Beware of fake SMS messages

Italian Post on alert: Beware of fake SMS messages

Italian Post on alert: Beware of fake SMS messages

New warning from the Italian Post Office regarding the ongoing fraud against the company’s customers.

Online fraud
Online scam (Adobe)

In the world Always More connected to the network, as every aspect of our life is visible, manageable, Can be verified Through a computer, a smartphone, and a connection to The webUnfortunately, we have to be careful about what surrounds us, the dynamics that bad guys often put in place. Circle To reach their twisted and shady goals. over there Forgery, Is one of the methods, most obviously used in this context.

The greatest Some online scams happen for good or bad in the same way. There is a fake connection it is being invited through the user, Potential victim, to reach their page PersonalWhether it is a bank or an Italian post office, the link will vary according to the intentions of the fraudster, and Emphasizes Then your credentials to the piĆ  Different The reasons that the deceiver will be keen to communicate.

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Poste Italiane online scams on alert: The scam arrives via text message

Fraudulent messages

The Forgery On the Internet right now, for which Italian Post It requests utmost alertness to its customers, as it always happens in a completely harmless way. Just an ounce of gullibility or Superficial In visualizing the message they were received and they instantly became potential victims of malice. The page is Poste Italiane, faithfully recreated, with lots of references PosteID And asked SPID to reach.

The relevant letter states:The pagans Client, we are taking steps to suspend his utilities postal For failure of the update. to To avoid, Access: “adresswebpirata.”

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Another message circulating in equal measure masked Resilience says instead: “To authorize Authentication Level 2 security, enter the indicated code. Sincerely. “Referring to SPID and Efforts To violate our privacy. In short, I studied in minimum Details, to try to get the attention of potential users and fraudsters, e He pushed them to fall into the web created specifically for them.

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