Italian Foil players on the podium in Cairo – OA Sport

    Italian Foil players on the podium in Cairo - OA Sport

    Victory did not come, but Italy was confirmed on the podium in the team’s test for the Men’s Fencing World Cup in Cairo. The blue quartet of Daniele Garroso, Alessio Foconi, Guillaume Bianchi and Tommaso Marini finished third after winning the first stage in Paris.

    Victory went to the United States, who defeated Russia in the final with a score of 45-34. The Americans held the Azzurri in the semi-finals for 45-42 at the end of an attack that also saw Italy touch +9 (20-11), before being subject to a US comeback.

    Fencing, World Cup 2022: The first podium in Cairo for Davide Felipe

    Italy dominated in the final for third place and then South Korea, He clearly imposed himself on 45-29. The Azzurri’s journey began in the round of 16 by defeating the Netherlands 45-32 and then the quarter-final trip against Hong Kong with a score of 45-33.

    With that, a positive Egyptian weekend ends for Italy. Indeed, David Felipe reached third place (first podium) yesterday, but also an excellent overall result with Giorgio Avola and Daniel Garroso in the quarter-finals.

    Photo: Bizzi / Federscherma

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