Italian cuisine has been voted the best in the world (eighth only to French)

    Italian cuisine has been voted the best in the world (eighth only to French)

    The best Italian food in the world. This is not mentioned by any local food lover, but by a digital gastronomic guide Atlas taste. Or rather, all the numerous users on the basis of votes dedicated to the most popular dishes, products and drinks in each country. In this sense, to make the shoe gain the upper part of classification total points 4.72 (out of 5 max) Some of his most famous specialties were: first and foremost pizza (With special reference to thatDa Michele’s old pizzeria in Naples), followed by risottogive her Tagliatelle with bolognese sauceFrom pasta carbonaraCome ravioligive her Gnocchi And from Tiramisu. Led by gyros, souvlaki and moussaka, it then ranks second there Greece (4.69). They complete the platform Spain And the Japan, equated to 4.59. FifthIndia (4.54).

    criteria used

    Not all of them, such as France (in eighth place with Peru and the United States), have taken the ranking drawn by the portal so well. Vox populi vox deiPray for the Latins. In this sense, it was the platform itself that explained i Standards in which the vote was made. We are a site dedicated to traditional local dishes with a Database of more than 15,000 dishes and ingredients – A. reads Tweets Posted on Christmas Eve -. Over the course of the year, people rated those foods (And not the ones) in our database. Some scores are recognized by our system as Invalid (Like “nationalist votes”: people give high marks to their own dishes and low marks to dishes in neighboring countries. We don’t count these marks). at the end of the year, We take an average of the most voted dishes in each kitchen (Even France doesn’t punish frogs.) And that’s it.

    Comment by Minister Lollobrigida

    For us this takes precedence certainty foreverbut the innumerable confirmation of how our traditional dishes are considered a symbol of the highest quality all over the world cannot but please – wrote the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry on Facebook Francesco Lollobrigida. At the international level, Italy has one system Absolute guarantee of excellence: this is the awareness with which we continue our work to promote Made in Italy. We continue to stand up for and honor our values national heritage.

    Best restaurants

    Finally, the TasteAtlas ranking also includes the most popular places in each country. In the case of Italy, those who should not be missed to experience true tricolor cuisine areOsteria Madunetta in Marostica (Vicenza), Amerigo since 1934 in Savigno (Bologna), Divtak Inn 1870 in San Michele del Carso (Gorizia), Tripe Restaurant in Milan Snow Lady Restaurant in Sisol (Asti), Krbishof In Antirevo (Bolzano), theAntica Trattoria and Pizzeria da Donato in Naples Bow down In Cissone (Cuneo), the The hut of secrets in Treia (Macerata) and Baby Zulu in Orsara di Puglia, in the Foggia region (on this link full list). Authentic taste temples to preserve and enhance traditions, which, as users decide, are truly unparalleled.

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