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It will be windy and cold with warm waves of heat. This is what the maps say

  It will be windy and cold with warm waves of heat.  This is what the maps say

Winter, dynamic winter 2020-2021 welcomes us, but not before the last blow of frost hits us, in March, with more snow on the plains. (Here are the exciting predictions for March). The spring season progresses, the extreme temperatures begin to give spring warmth thanks to a greater amount of sunlight which begins to compress day after day. But as you know, SPRING is an odd season that manages to give alternating cool days with windy, cold and sometimes icy moments. So what’s the season ahead? Continue below

according to Predict the climate Seasonal AccuWeatherHeat will quickly return to some parts of Europe in the spring, while other regions, immersed in the winter cold, will have to wait a while before the cold temperatures subside. AccuWeather forecasters warn that early spring 2021 may have some similarities with 2018, the season that broughtA monster from the east “, That is, cold air coming from Russia on the continent, in parts of northern Europe. It is no coincidence that we at MeteoPuglia.org expect an icy tail shot in March (Here are the details).

south of Europe

The path that has brought severe storms over Western Europe and southern sections of the continent over the course of winter is expected to remain active in early spring. The Storms They must follow a path on France, Then onItaly and onBalkanica areaEspecially during the month of March. AccuWeather forecasters note that this will be an unusual springtime pattern, with storms typically moving north during this time of year. “This southern path will wane towards the end of spring, but by May the damage will be in the southAccuWeather meteorologist Tyler Roys says, adding that the area will continue to have high precipitation rates up until that point. As storms approach the Mediterranean, they can gain more moisture, bringing with them rounds of torrential rain and thunderstorms to Italy and along the western coast of the Balkan Peninsula. This could increase the risk Floods Until early spring. This early spring pattern will continue on The Iberian Peninsula After a tumultuous winter.

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Spain H Portugal They will experience a stronger than normal heating direction as the spring advances. Temperatures were lower than normal on the Iberian Peninsula this latter part of winter. By the end of spring, this situation can be reversed: higher than normal temperatures are expected.

Central and Northwestern Europe

After one of the snowiest winters in the past five years at least in the central and northwestern sectors of Europe, including the first true snowstorm in the Netherlands in more than a decade, many Europeans may be looking forward to a return to warm and sunny conditions. The the cold Should continue in March in an area ranging from Ireland H kingdom United Even Scandinavia Southern Germany H Poland western. In addition to the late-season cold, the precarious pattern will continue to send storms to Western Europe. This combination could bring snow to the hills of Scotland, as far as England and at high altitudes in France and Germany until March. By the end of April and May, temperatures will start to warm in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Possible return of “the beast from the east”

Between the end of February and the beginning of March 2018,A monster from the east “ It brought snow and sleet to the UK and Germany. Temperatures have fallen to dangerous levels, setting new records for the spring in the UK. This year’s weather pattern will not become as harsh as the one that caused the events of 2018, but the cold weather and rain and snow rounds will hit some of the same areas. “The year that has had a similar approach to what is expected in Europe this spring is 2018, which has brought the “beast from the East” to northwestern Europe. This does not necessarily mean another “beast from the east” event has occurred, but this similar pattern indicates rounds of cold air.Ruiz explains. Also the risk of snowfall for parts of Germany It could be similar to 2018 season Ireland H United kingdom, Temperatures will be lower than normal during the first part of spring.

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Eastern Europe

With the cold that dominates the western sector of the continent, theEastern Europe Must experiment Warm conditions in spring. “The overall style can be hot to the areaRuiz explains, but the area can still receive a cold snap or two, which could last a few days before the heat returns. There may also be a possibility of snowfall. Compared to recent years, there is a greater risk of snowfall in the late season, especially in March.

Northernmost Europe: The the cold It will maintain its hold, too Norway, Sweden H Finland Early spring. By the second half of the season, storms in Europe will turn northward, allowing rainfall tours in Scandinavia. However, there will be moderate air over the northern sectors of Europe, which will reduce the number of low-altitude snow accidents.

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