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It will be exclusive for those under the age of 13

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Instagram appears to be intending to create an alternate version of the social network intended for under-13s

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Instagram is working on a new version of the social network (Getty Images)

The measures taken by various social networks continue to protect younger users. After, after Youtube Who created YouTube Kids e Tik Tok That imposed a minimum age for membership now too Instagram It looks like he’s ready to make a move like this.

According to what was predicted by BuzzFeed News, in fact, Menlo Park behemoth is seriously considering creating a An alternative version of the social networkExclusively for users under the age of 13. In this way, some important restrictions will be introduced, so as to give even the youngest children more freedom to surf with complete safety. On the social platform.

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Instagram, under 13 version details

According to him Adam Mosseri Number one on Instagram – children are increasingly asking parents to register on social networks. Obviously, these are platforms open to everyone and any content, and they are often harmful to younger users. For this reason also Instagram He is thinking of creating an idea for a social network Only for those under the age of 13.

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How everything is configured hasn’t been specified in detail yet, but it’s quite understandable how sure Inappropriate content will be trimmed There will be restrictions on private messaging as well. More details will definitely arrive in the coming months, with developers having the opportunity to fine-tune everything. And offer it to the youngest.

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