Home Tech It weighs over 40GB on consoles

It weighs over 40GB on consoles

It weighs over 40GB on consoles

This morning, sharing the details of the new update, CD Projekt RED promised us short wait times, and he was speaking: Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.2 It really is Distribution on PlayStation 4, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox One X e PC (As well as on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, as it works backward-compatible), while it will be published on Google Stadia later this week.

Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.2 is without a doubt The biggest-ever release for an RPG-As it intervenes in many aspects of production, from gameplay to missions, through the open world, settings, graphics, sound, animation, interface and much more, without even missing a series of Specific interventions for individual platforms.

Cyberpunk patch size 1.2

  • PC: 34 GB
  • PlayStation: 44.10 GB
  • Xbox: 44,41 GB

Among many things, CD Projekt RED includes Increase the radius of occurrence of NCPD When player commits a crime, add a new slider to settings to adjust steering sensitivity, introduce pivot / tilt function to disengage vehicles, solve an issue where V can get stuck in empty buildings when exiting a parked vehicle near a wall, fix a bug where Takemura does not appear during a call Stereoscopic in Life in a time of war And an issue where Rogue keeps repeating the same line Never fadeAnd the Improved texture display from afar, quality of material detail and light sources Internally and externally, the visual quality of some underwater elements has been modified, and the stability and performance of the game and the rendering engine have been improved for the sake of Reduce accidentsAnd much more. The change is endless, so we recommend that you consult Cyberpunk 2077 Official Site To know all the details.

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