It has been running for over a month on live TV but is still on top of

    It has been running for over a month on live TV but is still on top of

    On her LinkedIn profile, Christine Ormier-Widener has the inscription “CEO of TAP Group,” the Portuguese airline. However, according to the words of its shareholders (the Lusitanian Ministry of Finance), Ormeyer-Widener will theoretically be separated. for more than a month. But today she still runs the airline, which has returned to profit after several years. In such a paradoxical situation, on the one hand, the department no longer speaks to her or her team, on the other hand, an important law firm deals with the parcel, which it objects to in the manner and merits.


    It all starts on the 6th of March. Finance Minister Fernando Medina announced during the press conference – which was broadcast live on the state radio station – that Urmier-Widner and TAP chief Manuel Biga had been fired “for just cause” after the scandal erupted over the €500,000 awarded as severance pay. To outgoing Executive Member Alexandra Reese. In fact, the payment to Reis, a former government official, was proven by the Inspectorate General of Finance to be illegal and therefore the amount must also be returned.

    The complaint

    Ourmières-Widener, a 58-year-old French national with a past at Air France and at the helm of Cityjet and Flybe, replied that the figure (moreover) was in fact expected by a contract stipulated before she arrived at Tap. And he writes bloombergentrusted the matter to Vasconcelos, Arruda & Partners – a well-known Lisbon law firm – to contest the dismissal, apparently aiming to obtain compensation in the order of several million euros for reputational damage.


    A few days ago, Ormeyer-Widner, who was summoned by parliament, said that “it was difficult to lead an airline under such great media and political pressure.” Ormeyer-Widner told deputies that “a month later I am still in full swing with my job duties without receiving shareholder guidance at a critical time for the airline.” “This trial, which started on television, is illegal, inappropriate and disrespectful to any manager.” When asked when she expected to leave the company, she replied with, “I don’t know.”


    Recruited in 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, and with the company in crisis for some time and having to seek €3.2 billion in public aid to avoid bankruptcy, Ourmières-Widener led Tap to close 2022 with a profit of €65.6 million, its first since 2017. Within That is, among the conditions of the European Union to obtain the bailout plan, there is a reduction in the fleet, the abolition of thousands of jobs, a reduction in wages, and the disposal of various assets, especially abroad.


    Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa is likely to get directly involved in the matter, while the Finance Ministry has already announced that Luis Rodriguez, former CEO of Sata International, a Portuguese regional airline, will succeed Urmier-Widner. the courier I contacted the directorate without getting a response at the time the article was published. No response even from the CEO of Tap.


    Chaos is brewing at the top of TAP – a carrier that focuses heavily on connections to Brazil and Africa – on the eve of what will be the airline’s privatization. In the race are three big names in Europe: Air France-Klm Group – ahead as is courier From industrial sources – the Lufthansa and Iag group, the holding company of British Airways, Iberia, Vueling, Aer Lingus (and soon Air Europa). TAP is seen as the direct opponent of ETA Airlines for its connections to the Southern Hemisphere.

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