It costs 3 million euros and is the most luxurious and unusual mobile home in the world


    Absolutely gorgeous, ultra-technical and extremely talented. It is the most luxurious mobile home in the world, arranged over two floors, with living and sleeping areas, bedrooms with premium double beds and also a lounge bar with terrace allowing panoramic views that vary depending on where you are.

    EleMMent Palazzo Superior (ph facebook Marchi Mobile)

    EleMMent Palazzo Superior: characteristics and information

    If someone thinks that camping is for those who are dedicated to saving, they might not have seen this “Marchi Mobile” aptly named Element Palazzo Superior From the overpriced of three million euros. A luxurious flat arranged on four wheels, which represents a true technological gem, as well as offering an absolutely revolutionary dimension to road transport.

    The cockpit is ampoule-shaped, which gives the car some elegance though camper. Not quite normal, but still a buggy, which only a few can afford, also considering the future model for sale. The lounge area can be arranged on the camper canopy with an electro-pneumatic system that turns it into a kind of large terrace with garden, heated floors and umbrellas where you can organize parties with friends and guests especially in summer.

    The car is also equipped with a mechanism that doubles its width, allowing about 70 square meters per floor, where there are living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, spas and all possible and imaginable luxuries. particularly parked camper It also has a barbecue area to grill meat or fish, which is served on the cozy terrace, which also doubles as a dining room. The engine is a Volvo V6 with 600 hp and many driver assistance systems. All in all, a true gem.

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