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Israel and Gaza, United Nations Ceasefire Proposal – Last Hour

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(ANSA) – Rome, May 19 – France has submitted to the United Nations a resolution aimed at a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, in coordination with Egypt and Jordan. The Elysee makes it known. The proposal arrives at the Security Council, where the United States bans the declaration of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for eight days. Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, said he had heard the suggestion and that “China definitely supports” efforts to end the crisis.

French President Emmanuel Macron participated today in a tripartite meeting with Egyptian President El-Sisi and the King of Jordan, in which it was decided to “launch a humanitarian initiative for the civilian population in Gaza linked to the United Nations.” . Sources announced the Elysee this evening. French sources confirmed that Egypt and Jordan “are currently at peace with Israel, and they are influential heroes in the holy places of Jordan and in Gaza for the Egyptians.” The three governments agreed on “three simple elements: a ceasefire, a ceasefire, and a UN Security Council resolution” on this issue. (handle).

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