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“ISIS is doing the Taliban’s dirty work, what awaits us” – Libero Quotidiano

“ISIS is doing the Taliban’s dirty work, what awaits us” - Libero Quotidiano

Francesca Manucci, a guest Concetta Di Gregorio and David Barenzo a On air, that it La7, Assessing the current balance in Afghanistan after the Capwin Airport attacks. “In Afghanistan, media attention will go down and things will happen,” said the journalist, who had just returned from Kabul. Manouchi explains that “inside the Taliban there are two spirits, the spirit of the Doha negotiations conducted by Al Jazeera and then there is an armed and more extremist party.”

This spirit, the reporter continues, “what prompted the acceleration of the military offensive is the network that captured Kabul and now wants to understand who is doing what. There is still a government that defines itself these days.” “What is the knot that holds it all?” Mannocchi asks. “This network is linked to ISIS.”

Therefore, the journalist tries to imagine scenarios that indicate that she could change at any moment. “We can assume that ISIS, with the support of some cells, did the dirty work that the Taliban cannot do because there are precisely those who signed the Doha negotiations.” In short, Manouchi concludes, it is an “internal and external struggle with the Taliban.”

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