Is your health in danger? Apple tells you an indispensable device

    Is your health in danger?  Apple tells you an indispensable device
    Monitoring the menstrual cycle will allow you to better understand the general state of a woman’s health –

    Apple, the company founded by Steve Jobs, is one of the most desired and attentive brands by users from all over the world.

    It is often at the center of diatribes due to the high costs of its equipment and the services it provides. But there is a project, a study on a device that only and exclusively could have been shot by this company and that can make even the most skeptical think again. In fact, we’re pretty sure she will. It is a device related to a very important aspect of users’ lives.

    It is able to monitor the general health status. Apple conducted this study with NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) and theHarvard TH Chan School of Public Health. But that’s not all, because all users are invited to participate by using their iPhone.

    In fact, not all users participated and participate in this project, in this very interesting study. Women who have menstruated or are still menstruating participate, making a huge contribution to perfecting an already functional and effective device. Are you ready to find out what we’re talking about?

    Apple Women’s Health Study: News about women’s general health since menstruation.

    The aim of this project is to learn more about the course and how that relates infertility And Polycystic ovary syndrome (Polycystic ovary syndrome). About 50,000 women participated in the initial study. Of these, about 12% were diagnosed with PCOS that can lead to the development of pre-cancer of the uterus, and thus uterine cancer.

    Another high percentage of female participants said that they had problems with regular menstruation until the fifth year after the first. Even in these cases, the likelihood of developing precancerous and later precancerous lesions was very high. Herein lies the importance of these preliminary studies.

    Apple Women’s Health Study –

    They can help many women realize what might await them. In fact, this study encourages women with these problems to immediately contact their trusted doctors. The team of doctors and scientists will conduct further new studies. She also called on other women to Involved in the studio Thank you for them iPhone And theirs Apple Watch across thesearch applications.

    know that insideprogramhealth“There is a” cycle monitoring “function. Thanks to it you can record your menstrual cycles and the symptoms that have appeared. In addition, this feature notifies you of irregularities in your cycle over the past six months. It can also be exported in PDF to then be sent to trusted doctors. Finally, know that All data is protected with end-to-end encryption.

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