Is your car spying on you? Expert alert, you are always being tracked. The car becomes like a mobile phone

    Is your car spying on you?  Expert alert, you are always being tracked.  The car becomes like a mobile phone

    Technology continues to make great strides and help us in many aspects of our lives, like the car for example: but are our cars spying on us in this way? Are we always traceable?

    Confidentiality matter, gods sensitive data and the maximum possible protection Privacy So people are becoming more and more central today, even within a sector car.

    With a continuous increase in indicators technology That our cars at their disposal and the infinite number of tools, tentacles And hardware The present that guarantees us Privacy And Anonymity?

    One topic, that Secrecy, Dear to many citizens, institutes, associations and bodies, unfortunately many are alive and modern in this sector technological since appearance smart phones under.

    Our cars, for example, are becoming more and more monitoring and control Our actions are subject to scrutiny: as long as it is about protecting and prohibiting compliance with the rules Violations ok but then what?

    Tech Cars: Are We Being Tracked?

    Some aspects of the story are still not clear, which is why there is a growing warning, and alarming some experts Until we talk about it carIndicator light: we track it down When do we get on the plane?

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    Our cars are like our cars mobile phonesare tools from watching? We need to get to the bottom of the story to understand how some cars are, more than others, for the gods specialists I am from to analyze.

    We are talking about the latest cars generation, High-tech, advanced and easy to use that will come from China: For some, these cars are full of holes tentacles They will fit tracing.

    It is not entirely clear if and how some producers are better able to monitor our habits than others: but for example in the UK they analyzed the company BYD in this meaning.

    Spy Cars: Is It All True?

    According to some, many of the sensors for these vehicles will make tracking Our people, our habits: with 360-degree cameras, radar and virtual assistants.

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    The latest generation of cars From the manufacturer however, Also through agreements with British merchants, they landed in abundance Europe But they, in turn, are “observers” in this sense.

    It is equipped with high quality functions technology, Assistive driving sensors and applications that have already been questioned advanced. But is all this true?

    From a safety and security perspective, it makes sense that we disable most of our digital gadgets, especially those that are equipped with them sharing of data and Geolocation: the same opportunity to access maps, or use social networks, For example.

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