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IPhone factory workers say they have not been paid, causing millions in damage

IPhone factory workers say they have not been paid, causing millions in damage
Buses surround a spacious glass and steel building.
Zoom in / Wistron factory in Narsapura, India.

Protests by workers at an iPhone factory in India caused up to $ 7 million in damage, Reuters Reports. Workers at the factory, which is owned by Taiwanese Wistron, say they have not been paid what they were promised and are demanding better working conditions.

The Times of India She has many field reports and video clips of interesting protests. The news organization reported that “the majority of the approximately 2,000 employees, who were leaving the facility after completing their night shift, rampaged and destroyed company furniture and assembly units and even tried to set the vehicles on fire.”

The Times of India also has details about the salary workers were supposed to earn. The report quoted an employee as saying, “While an engineering graduate was promised 21,000 rupees ($ 286) a month, his salary had dropped to 16,000 rupees ($ 218). Then, to 12,000 rupees ($ 163) in recent months. The monthly salary of non-engineering graduates has dropped to 8,000 rupees ($ 109). The amount of salary being credited to our accounts has decreased and it was disappointing to see this. ” Some workers claim monthly wages of less than 500 rupees ($ 6.80).

Wistron is one of Apple’s most important supplies, and Apple says it is checking the company to see if it has violated its supplier guidelines.

India is the second largest smartphone market in the world after China, but India is a very competitive and price-friendly market where only Apple has struggled. capturing About 3 percent of the market. One way for Apple to lower prices in India is Build phones locally, Allowing it to avoid particularly high Indian import duties on goods made in China. The Wistron Factory, of course, makes the cheapest Apple phone, the iPhone SE.

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