Home Tech iPhone 14: A fresh start, just like iPhone X

iPhone 14: A fresh start, just like iPhone X

iPhone 14: A fresh start, just like iPhone X

In the past few hours, Apple has made an official event that will be held September 14 Which will most likely see the arrival of the entire iPhone 13 lineup, and also support, the Apple Watch 7 display.

iPhone 14

I did not even have time to delve into the topics of the presentation that a well-known leak, very close to the world of Apple, gives information that the iPhone 14 is already in development and, as with the iPhone X, will be the beginning of a new cycle.

iPhone 14

according to Ross Young In fact, the phone 14 will bring with it many new aesthetic and functional features. Here are some of them:

  • There is no protruding camera island, ergo, uniform thickness along the entire back cover;
  • Round side buttons (iPhone 4 style?);
  • Notch is absent, with the sensors associated with Face ID which will be hidden under the display;
  • Data entry and Lightning charging always, there is still a plan to switch to the Type-C standard.

In detail, if this information turns out to be correct, we will have the iPhone 14 which will be divided into Standard and Pro with different key features between the different models.

Example? Apple can enter Face ID under the display but this system will only be the prerogative of the Pro models. Same logic for viewing, with Pro models that can reach 120 Hz While the cheaper models maintain a standard refresh rate 60 Hz.

And again, the iPhone 14 will only have a camera with two photo sensors. Others will have a 3-sensor camera and will be arranged differently. The iPhone Mini will no longer be around, and it will be replaced by a larger display model simply called the iPhone 14.

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The table above is the one that contains the updates mentioned by the leaker. If in reality everything is applied, the upcoming iPhone 2022 will be a great turning point, just as it happened with the iPhone X.

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