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iPhone 13, new camera details: here’s how it will be

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an Apple He always proceeds somewhat cautiously on the subject CAesthetic changes. For example, iPads have adopted the same design for some time, the same aesthetics of Macs have not changed for years, and the same considerations can apply to iPhones. It’s a conservative approach that clearly works, as it’s been the same for some time.

So the iPhone 11 revolutionized the aesthetic system of the iPhone X and Xs, changing in particular the back surface with a new camera array design. iPhone 12 has followed the line of continuity to deliver aesthetic solutions that end up defining the iPhone at first sight, iconic in the eyes of enthusiasts. To hear the latest rumors, with iPhone 13 Which will be presented in a few months, Apple intends to make some changes to the design without revolutionizing anything: the iPhone 13 will remain very similar For current phones, but it won’t be identical.

From portrait to diagonal: the arrangement of cameras in iPhone 13

Judging by the photo that went online in the past few hours, the iPhone 13 will still be microscopically different from the iPhone 13 Pro due to the lack of a rear camera. What may differ from the current range is put of the two cameras From iPhone 13.

In short, nothing will change in terms of the number of sensors nor even, say insiders, the size of the element on the back that restricts the cameras, LED flash and microphone. Diversity will be layout Of the two sensors, which are arranged vertically in the future, on the iPhone 13, they are placed diagonally.

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Thus, the position of the LED flash and the microphone are different, with one being higher while the other is lower. Everyone who distributed the image claims that these are the final models of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, but of course there is no certainty and they probably won’t be there until a few days after the presentation.

Small class ‘new’

However, it would be desirable for many if the indiscretion today turns out to be justified. In addition to the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro camera array, rumors persist on the opposite surface, especially on notch. Apple’s huge (later iconic) device “Notch”, which in addition to the selfie camera contains the sensors necessary to operate Face ID, on the iPhone 13 it will have much smaller dimensions than today.

It would be a less invasive solution, both for the eye and from the point of view maximizing the offer With regard to the front surface, which is a more topical topic than ever in a period in which a large part of the competition is invested Delete every component To enlarge the screen, we also try to do with the mixed results with the front camera for selfies.

Apple, at least for now, has no plans to turn to it Ultimate solutionsAnd, apparently, he doesn’t even want to question Face ID, which will remain stable even on the iPhone 13 despite the fact that many call the more classic In-screen fingerprint reader, more effective in epidemics.

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