“Invasion!” The London government is crying out for immigrants


    UK Home Secretary, Soila Braverman, had already embarrassed the very short government of Liz Truss when he declared: “My dream, my obsession, is to see on the front page of the Telegraph a picture of a plane leaving for Rwanda” laden with migrants. Braverman – who comes from an Indian immigrant family and who was confirmed at the Home Office despite being investigated for violating the code of conduct – is seen today. Responsible for the inhuman treatment of asylum seekers residing at the Manston Centre. According to British law, migrants are expected to stay at the first identification center for up to 24 hours, but in recent months the time has increased to well over 70 hours. The result is that Hundreds of people were forced to sleep on the floor in the cold, without the possibility of using a telephone and – according to the inspectors’ report – with severe restrictions on their rights. On Sunday, a man threw grenades and set fire to the Dover Identification Center before killing himself.

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