Intesa Sanpaolo and Fipe together to promote investments in the restaurants, entertainment and tourism sectors

    Intesa Sanpaolo and Fipe together to promote investments in the restaurants, entertainment and tourism sectors

    Intesa San Paolo And FIPE-Confcommercio, a leading association in the catering, leisure and tourism sector, has signed an agreement to encourage investments in this sector.

    The common goal is to accompany small businesses in the current context and in their relaunch, through energy efficiency and environmental impact in line with the principles of ESG, as well as initiatives to encourage investment in digitalization.

    The agreement forms part of the consolidated cooperation relationship between Intesa Sanpaolo and Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia, thanks to the signing of several agreements in favor of partner companies, to facilitate access to credit for Italian SMEs.

    Through the “Crescibusiness” initiative, a plan of 5 billion euros aimed in particular at small businesses, the bank envisages interventions for liquidity and secured loans, until the end of the year from commissions on small payments via points of sale in stores up to 15 euros, fees for points of sale and credit cards Business free for one year, discounts on insurance coverage products and rental capital goods, furnishings and accessories to contain operating costs.

    By 2026, Intesa Sanpaolo plans to disburse in the medium and long term more than 410 billion euros, of which 270 billion will be for businesses, which actively contribute to the country’s economic recovery.

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    Intesa Sanpaolo’s interventions in favor of Italian companies, including very small businesses, and households amount to a total of 40 billion euros to support the high costs associated with increased capacity and daily spending.

    Director Anna Rossio says. Corporate Sales and Marketing ISP credits to Michele de Ottavio

    “Intesa Sanpaolo has always paid attention to the needs of the country’s entrepreneurial fabric,” explains Ana Rossio, Director of Sales and Marketing at Intesa Sanpaolo. – The collaboration with Fipe has now been tested and with CresciBusiness we are providing important resources for catering, leisure and tourism operators not only to face the current period, but above all to keep pace with these realities in their relaunch through development projects, digitization and sustainability, goals consistent with PNRR “.

    “The renewed collaboration between FIPE and Intesa Sanpaolo is the result of a process that began some time ago and has led us to significant results,” said Aldo Corsano, Vice President of FIPE Confcommercio.

    The support that the Bank provides to companies in our sector is even more important in 2023, which we consider to be the year of real recovery after the difficulties they faced due to the pandemic crisis. Indeed, it is a historic moment in which all realities, even the smallest ones, find themselves forced to deal with the challenges that await them in terms of digitization, sustainability and innovation. It is a high-speed train, a train of growth and development, and we cannot lose it.”

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