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Interview with Inguana Captain Kiara Bisen

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Some may remember the movie RollerballAnd the Who is theAnd the Although spinning a miserable future (which the year 1975 was 2018), its champion, albeit with some differences, is an already existing sport that has been born in the United States since 1935, and is the Roller Derby, which is a contact. The sport, mainly but not exclusively for females, which takes place on roller skates and on an elliptical track. One of the 22 Italian derby teams is in Vicenza: it’s a team Anjuana, Which will resume activities on June 7 after Covid by opening the doors of the municipal ice rink in Viale Ferrarin to the curious and those who want to become part of the team. We talked about it with Captain Kiara Bisen.

When was the team formed and why is this name?

Roller Vicenza Derby stage of the game
Roller Vicenza Derby stage of the game

“The team was formed between 2012 and 2013 thanks to a Milanese skater originally from Vicenza who suggested trying this new system. We now have two teams. We chose the name.” Anjuana Because it has regional roots (that is, the typical form of Alpine mythology Anjuana, Ed) and related to femininity, but at the same time it is also combative and vengeful against those who do not respect nature and it seems to us that this dual feminine and combat value represents our sport at best.

Women’s only sport?

“In every Roller Derby team there are male members, for example we have three members, so they are not strictly female.”

the activities

“In the last period we were suspended due to Covid, even with training. Once or twice a year we have an open day to explain the sport and possibly engage new recruits, and this is what we will do on June 7. We also have three male members in the team. Before Covid, we used to play matches. Mostly international, hosting European teams or traveling abroad, we may stop there until October, while in June we will be in Riccione for the Italian roller derby event. “

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Here’s the showcase event on June 7th

After 6 months of hiatus due to Covid-19, the Vicenza Roller Derby team Anjuana Training resumed at the municipal ice rink in Viale Ferrarin. On June 7 at 9:00 PM, training will be open to anyone wishing to experience the sport, as an athlete or as a referee. An open meeting, where the team is available to explain the rules of the game, let those who wish to try their sleds, and engage the participants with some hands-on demonstrations. The materials (skis and protective gear) will be provided by the team, according to the anti-Coronavirus rules. To do snowboarding, it is not necessary to know how to actually ski. New athletes, both male and female, get from their first training courses a course that allows them to learn the basics of skating and playing. At the end of the tournament, new skaters join the team and can start playing the first games.


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