Instagram, send messages secretly: the trick is very simple


    Do you think your contact is busy and won’t reply to your Instagram message right away, or you don’t want to bother him but want to write to him right away? Not a problem. Here is the new post of one of the social networks of Mark Zuckerberg, which is always frequented by young people.

    Now you can send a silent message without disturbing your friends on Insta with constant notifications. Here’s how to silence messages on Instagram.

    Instagram - 20221011
    Instagram –

    Instagram offers thoughtful DM (Direct Messaging) features to improve the overall messaging experience in the app.

    Silent Messages and Hidden Messages

    if a file non-urgent message And don’t expect a short answer, you can now use Silent message. The sent message will go directly to the contact’s inbox, and the other person has to open Instagram to check for unread messages. The popup will not appear in the notification center.

    Hence, Instagram provides better messaging controls to make better user etiquette when it comes to direct messages. Regardless of whether the recipient’s phone or device is turned on DND (Do Not Disturb) Or not, silent messages will not produce a notification on your smartphone, just so as not to disturb a contact in the busy housework. but how? Through simple and intuitive messages.

    Instagram DM - 20221011
    Instagram DM –

    First you need to open the Instagram app on your phone, or generally on one of the devices. Then you need to go to the message inbox and open a conversation where the user wants to send a silent message.

    Before writing a silent message to one of our contacts, it is necessary to write @silent. In this way Instagram will advise you to use the silent function, press the spacebar and start writing the message.

    Send it and that’s it: it will be possible, whenever we want to send random messages on Instagram, to use this type of silent or hidden message so as not to disturb the other person in the conversation.

    This feature is not limited to Instagram mobile apps only. It is also available on Instagram Web with the same procedure.

    Silent or secret messages also work in Instagram groups, and they can be easily sent to threads, not just limited to personal conversations.

    Like the “secret” chat in cable, You can send disappearing messages on instagram. Society calls it a method faded away, It allows you to automatically delete messages once everyone in the conversation has read the message.

    Another attempt by Instagram to make the conversation safe and uninterrupted. to enable faded away, Four steps: Open Instagram and select a chat, scroll up (right above the message window), tap, and Instagram will enable invisibility mode with a dark background, with some emoji attached in the chat.

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