INPS Loans for TFR and TFS No Money in Sight: When Will It Arrive

    INPS Loans for TFR and TFS No Money in Sight: When Will It Arrive

    National Institute of Social Insurance loans for severance pay and severance pay are suspended. There is no cash soon, the workers are waiting.

    Remember the possibility for civil servants to apply for INPS severance pay and severance pay loans at a subsidized rate? Orders started arriving at the foundation since February but payments are still pending.

    INPS loans, when the end-of-service liquidity is paid –

    Those enrolled in the Unified Administration of Credit and Social Services followed the envisaged procedures Application for INPS Loans Related to Accrual Accrual and Unpaid Tfr/Tfs Net interest and expenses – but no trace of money.

    Since the first of last February, the Social Security Corporation has made it possible to apply for a regular advance on termination compensation so as not to wait for collection and disbursement at the times specified by law. The loans granted by the National Statistical Institute have convinced many citizens of a double advantage compared to the loans granted by banks. Let’s talk about the opportunity to do Request to pay the full amount of termination compensation And not just €45,000 plus a lower interest rate (1% vs 3/4%).

    INPS Loans, When Tfr/Tfs Funds Come In

    INPS reports that application processing times are very long. It can be up to 180 days (six months) due to the large number of orders.

    INPS loans and severance pay, payments do not arrive –

    As mentioned earlier, the proposal has captured the interest of many citizens to move towards a lower interest rate than credit institutions. Thus, the possibility of obtaining the entire amount instead of part of it makes NBS loans more attractive in a period of economic crisis. You will be able to enjoy the benefits, but you can wait up to six months. The alternative is loans granted by banks, but on less favorable terms.

    He also waited for the ruling of the Constitutional Court on the legality of the long term

    Public workers have always put up a fight. Do Declaring the illegality of postponing the payment of the ongoing liquidation of a state-owned property. Many citizens have to wait up to seven years to accumulate their money during their career. Unlimited time especially for those who live in unstable economic conditions.

    It is up to the judges of the Constitutional Court to decide by carefully evaluating the scenario. The interest is so high that even the sentence is slow to come through. It must be taken into account that if the request of the public workers is accepted and the postponement is declared illegal, The state must immediately pay about 13.9 billion euros in 2023. An amount that will become even higher in the coming years when more than a million are expected to retire.

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