Initially, it was decided to make changes to Tfr-Tfs for this year (even in advance), but other innovations are on the way

    Initially, it was decided to make changes to Tfr-Tfs for this year (even in advance), but other innovations are on the way

    Tfr-Tfs shuffles between changes already outlined for this year and other innovations to come: The settlement of Tfr-Tfs, termination indemnities, in some cases, above all for state employees, is always an important issue to discuss, above all because of the long repayment periods envisaged, which is why an agreement has been signed with banks for soft pre-settlement of Tfs at subsidized rates.

    However, in order to specifically facilitate severance pay, but also to make it more meaningful, several innovations have already been approved and more are on the way. Let’s see what it is.

    • Tfr-Tfs news already decided this year for higher amounts
    • Inps is also ready to push Tfr-Tfs in 2023
    • More potential news coming for Tfr-Tfs

    Tfr-Tfs news already decided this year for higher amounts

    The first change already identified this year for Tfr-Tfe is a re-evaluation of new therapies due to the trend of inflation. Like pensions and other benefits, Tfr-Tfs are also subject to annual revaluation, and to adjust for inflation trend for 2022, The revaluation for 2022 was the highest in a long time.

    In fact, Istat has formalized the reference value for calculating the indicator that will be used to reassess the total fertility rate for 2022 which is 9.97%. nearly 10% Revaluation which is a revaluation that, according to the latest news, could be higher in 2023 or remain in any case at the level of 10%. For now, we just have to wait to understand what the trend will be in the coming months and how things might change.

    Inps is also ready to push Tfr-Tfs in 2023

    Another novelty that really started this year related to Tfr-Tfs has to do with the new possibility of INPS for reimbursement therapies, To facilitate and expedite expected payment times. In fact, INPS will handle the administration of more than 10,000 severance pay/TFS settlement procedures, according to a meticulous plan to accelerate treatment payments.

    starting From February 1, 2023, In fact, the INPS will expect to pay retired civil servants who are awaiting their end of service gratuity (Tfr) or termination of service treatment (Tfs), in 1% interest rate And in just over two months, with a flat 0.5% rate applied to expenses

    The laws currently in force provide, in fact, for long and categorically different periods for payment of severance pay to the state depending on the reason for termination of the employment relationship and they are:

    • after 12 months to terminate the employment relationship if requirements, age or service limits are met, to retire;
    • 24 months after the termination of the employment relationship in the case of voluntary resignation.

    Moreover, the times for paying the end of service gratuity to the state also change based on the amount due during the employment relationship which can be divided as follows:

    • in a lump sum if the amount is equal to or less than €50,000;
    • In two annual installments if the amount is between €50,000 and less than €100,000 and if the total lump sum is more than €50,000 and less than €100,000, TFS is paid in two installments, the first equal to €50,000 and the second equal to the remaining amount;
    • In three annual installments, if the amount to be paid is equal to or more than 100 thousand euros.

    We specify that these extended times are valid for payments of severance pay to the state but not for payments of severance pay to employees, which are paid within 45 days at the latest of termination of the employment relationship.

    More potential news coming for Tfr-Tfs

    More potential news for 2023 for Tfr-Tfs It could arrive with the discussion of the new pension reform: According to the latest news, in fact, the pension reform could provide a concessional use of severance pay, allowing all workers the possibility to allocate severance pay to supplementary pension funds and obtain tax breaks.

    The premise in question is that Tax relief for pension funds to allow severance pay to be allocated to supplementary forms. Labor Minister Calderoni spoke of measures to facilitate accession to pension funds and to allocate end-of-service benefits for employees to supplementary forms.

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