Inheritance tax, amounts over €1,000 can be paid in installments

    Inheritance tax, amounts over €1,000 can be paid in installments

    Inheritance tax, the amounts reported in the liquidation notice can be paid in instalments as long as they exceed the value of €1,000. If the amount reaches 20,000 euros, it can be paid in 8 quarterly installments. If the amount is higher, the quarterly installments can be up to 12.

    inheritance taxPay the amount shown inFilter Notice must be done in one solution?

    The amount to be paid determines the possibility of choosing between one payment and installments.

    The unique text of the provisions relating toInheritance and gift tax Specifies the terms of payment.

    maximum number of Quarterly installments Which you can choose is 12, if the amount owed exceeds 20,000 euros.

    Inheritance tax, amounts over €1,000 can be paid in installments

    Inheritance tax must necessarily be paid in aThe only solution or the Payment in installments?

    The question was asked by a contributor to the Revenue Agency’s online magazine, taxes today.

    Methods related to the payment of this tax are withinArticle 38 of Legislative Decree No. 346 of 1990or the Uniform Code of Provisions Relating toInheritance and gift tax.

    The Less than 1000 Euro have to pay inThe only solution.

    If the amount exceeds this amount, you can choose Installment solution.

    The first installment remains fixed with maturity within 60 days From the date of notification of liquidation: the deadline must be paid at least 20 percent of the amount.

    The rest can be divided evenly into Quarterly installments.

    The number of installments depends onAmount to be paid:

    • If the sum More than 1,000 but less than 20,000 eurosthe remainder should be divided into 8 quarterly installments
    • If the sum More than 20,000 euros Quarterly installments up to 12.

    The deadline for payment of each installment is calculated by reference to The day after the first installment is paid.

    The quarterly period ends on the last day of each quarter and the relative amounts of the amounts owed must be calculated interests.

    Inheritance tax, payment methods on form F24

    to payinheritance tax The F24 form must be used.

    Tax codes that should be indicated in Form assembly These are those relating to amounts arising from the filing of a declaration of succession.

    The sequence of numbers and letters for amounts owed as a result of notices must also be indicated Liquidation by the Internal Revenue Offices.

    So you should refer to Circular No. 16 of 2016.

    In the event of a payment associated with a settlement notice, the tax law mentioned in summary table.

    tax law a description
    A 147 Inheritance – Inheritance Tax – Tax Payment Notice

    If the taxpayer does not pay 20% of the taxor one of the quarterly installments during the term of the next installment, the same installment periods.

    In such a hypothesis comes Join the rolewith related penalties and interest, the amount due after deducting the amount already paid.

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