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IndyCar 2021 Toronto is leaving calendar

indycar 2021 toronto
indycar 2021 toronto

IndyCar ditches Toronto for the 2021 season. With an official statement, the US Singles Seats Association announced the cancellation of the phase on Canadian Citizen, scheduled for the weekend from July 9 to 11. “The race to the fairgrounds is a milestone on our summer calendar“CEO Mark Miles said.”Our hearts cry on this void for the second year in a row. Our fans will be greatly missed and we advise them to stay safe at this unprecedented time. IndyCar is making a comeback in style for 2022 and beyond“.

IndyCar 2021: Why is Toronto Jumping?

The epidemic situation in Canada is more serious than in the United States. The vaccination campaign is not at the same pace, and there are still many areas in which restrictive measures are applied. This is the case in the state of Ontario, which has approved new health measures. So it is impossible for the organizers to create the infrastructure and set up the program. The Grand Prix of Toronto has been part of the IndyCar Calendar since 1986, and is curated by the Green Savoree Promotions. This is the same company that is organizing the Grand Prix in Long Beach, which will take place this year in September.

GP Long Beach 2021, postponed to September

At the moment, there is no substitute for the Canadian match away from home. However, Chain CEO Mark Miles stated that,We are looking at various scenarios for the remainder of the season calendarExcept for Toronto, IndyCar has no events scheduled for July. It will resume in August, with the Nashville GP opening scheduled for Day 8. The weekend will follow Indianapolis Road at 14 (concurrent with NASCAR) and the Gateway race on 21st.

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