India, Evacuation of Convicted Defamer Rahul Gandhi – Last Hour

    India, Evacuation of Convicted Defamer Rahul Gandhi – Last Hour

    (ANSA) – NEW DELHI, March 27 – Rahul Gandhi will have to vacate by the end of April the state-owned villa he occupies in the central district of Delhi and which, like all other members of India’s Parliament, has been allotted to him since his election in 2014. He was released today by the Housing Commission, as a matter of duty, after being forfeited as superintendent, following his conviction last week for defamation.

    As chaos erupted in the Delhi parliament today after elected Congress party officials appeared dressed all in black, carrying banners and chanting slogans, the party leader also faced the wrath of the Shiv Sena party in Mumbai, his ally in the past, over some remarks about one of India’s independence heroes, V. D. Savarkar, one of the founders of the Hindu nationalist ideology. President Siv Sena Thackeray did not appear at the meeting of all opposition parties convened by the Congress.

    “My name is not Savarkar, but Gandhi and Gandhi never apologize,” Gandhi said in his first press conference after his fall as an MP yesterday when asked if he would make an apology for the remarks that condemned him.

    While confusion inside parliament led to a suspension, police outside accused a few hundred fighters of the party’s youth section with batons who staged an unauthorized protest. (handle).

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