Incredible disappointment with Italy’s decision

    AstraZeneca, Australia: delusione incredibile per decisione Italia

    Tuesday 9 March 2021 – 09:17

    AstraZeneca, Australia: Incredible disappointment with Italy’s decision

    After discontinuing the export of doses. Tehan: We will exert strong pressure on the European Union

    AstraZeneca, Australia: Incredible disappointment with Italy's decision

    ROME, March 9 (Askanews) – Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan said he is “incredibly frustrated” by Italy’s decision last weekend to prevent the export of 250,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to Australia, also expressing concern over the possibility of a repeat halt in the export of vaccines. Also, in light of the European Commission’s support for the selection of Rome.

    In order to counter what ABC Tehan has called “vaccine protection”, the Australian government intends to work with countries that share Canberra’s position – Canada, Japan, Norway and New Zealand – to pressure Brussels and European institutions.

    “I hope they will change their minds.” The minister said, “The more we are able to exert collective pressure on them, the more they realize that what they are doing is wrong.” He added, “I will try to ensure that this message gets loud and clear,” stressing that this “vaccine protection” will ultimately lead to Damage to developing countries.

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