Increase statutory benefits: Recalculation of pensions and end of service benefits

    Increase statutory benefits: Recalculation of pensions and end of service benefits

    As defined in the decree published in the Official Gazette by the Minister of Economy and Finance on December 13, 2021 (Public Series No. 297), effective January 1 legal interest essay.

    The jump compared to the year we left behind is clear, given that it went from 0.01% to 1.25%: since 2015 that metric has stabilized below 1%. The effects of this percentage increase will be felt immediately both on social/financial debt (eg through active repayment) and on all contracts where a different rate is not set up front.

    Hence, one of the first results will be the application of the above-mentioned interest rate by the National Institute of Social Security to all additional amounts due due to omission or delay in the payment of social security contributions. In addition, the new ratio will also count toward Social Security and pension benefits.

    In practice, therefore, the1,25% It will apply to contributions with payment deadlines from 1 January 2022, while the rate applicable in the specified reference year in respect of previous debts will be maintained. Even with severance/relationship benefits or retirement benefits, the problem is the same: the new procedure will apply exclusively to those paying as of January 1, 2022. At this point, an important aspect must be remembered: the benefit also applies to all Social Security benefits you pay INPS is late. It will also apply to all refunds to be credited to taxpayers.

    It’s good to remember, though, how it happens, that the legal interest is applied even in the case of payment in installments for amounts due for: 1) Interrogation calls from the day after the first installment is paid; 2) Report of results from the day following the date of notification of the deed of identification; 3) evaluation with adhesion from the date of completion of adhesion; 4) comply with the assessment from the day after the first installment is paid; 5) Judicial conciliation from the day following the conciliation report or announcing the termination of the judgment.

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