Home Economy In these cases, older TVs are guaranteed an exemption

In these cases, older TVs are guaranteed an exemption

In these cases, older TVs are guaranteed an exemption

It is unlikely that someone will not have at least one television set subject to Rai’s fee at home. But, if it does, here are the procedures for non-payment.

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It may be that the Italians never appreciated it but when it comes to the exemption from the tax called rai fee, the interest suddenly wakes up. The ruling dating back to 2016, which included the general TV tax in the electricity bill, made the already difficult relationship between users with charges even more complicated, because this rule, in effect, assumes that every user capable of household electricity has a TV. which maybe It is mostly true But the opposite can very well happen.

Although it is certainly a small part of the citizens, it can happen that the user, inside his house, still has an old TV set. Or this, simply put, Choose to use mobile devices To use the service, give up satellite TV. However, it is good to remember that waivers can be triggered, only when the Rai license payment requirements are not respected.

Rai fee, exemption for old TVs: Now is the time

It was the legislator itself that specified that television, to be subject to taxation, must guarantee access to digital services terrestrial or via satellite. Exclude all devices that are unable to do so. In practice, in the case (presumably rare) in which The user owns an old analog TV, According to the law, it is equivalent to not owning it at all except in terms of electricity consumption. The same goes for set-top boxes: having one at home that allows you to access the respective services will result in a fee. Otherwise, what was said about old TVs will apply.

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Obviously, to obtain the exemption, it will be necessary to prove that you are entitled to it, and to accurately communicate with the revenue agency that you do not have satellite TV. This is a declaration of self-certification value, which is sent to the entity electronically. Unit It will be provided by the tax authorities It will demonstrate the lack of tools capable of fulfilling the dictates of law on RAI licensing fees. The same applies when televisions are completely absent in the house but other devices are present. Fees, net of future extensions, actually apply to the former only.

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