Home World In the US, hotels have restarted, and jobs are on the rise...

In the US, hotels have restarted, and jobs are on the rise again

In the US, hotels have restarted, and jobs are on the rise again

GIn February, the United States resumed its vaccination campaign. There are 379,000 new jobs created in the United States. Of these, 355,000 are in the entertainment and hospitality sector. The unemployment rate is at 6.2%, and the Fed, led by Jerome Powell, is closely monitoring developments in the White House stimulus plan put in place by Joe Biden, which has been approved.

It lost nearly 10 million jobs from April 2020 to today. too much. But now, for the United States, the change in pace is evident. 545,000 Americans have found jobs since the start of the year. For the first time, the largest increase was the exterior, such as restaurants, hotels and parks. On the fiscal stimulus, the green light for the Biden administration’s Maxi program is about to arrive. A $ 1.9 trillion economic package follows the first 900 billion launched in December. But according to rumors, a third crutch could follow in the fall, around 2 trillion. In light of this, many financial observers fear the possibility of a rise in inflation in the United States. However, Thomas Kosterig, an economist at Pictet Wealth Management, notes that “these concerns are exaggerated, also because the budget plan is driven by the idea that the“ major re-opening of the economy ”does not happen before the summer, despite pressure from US political leaders.

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