In the UK, fewer deaths from Covid than in Italy (without the green pass and the crackdown on unvaccinated people)

    In the UK, fewer deaths from Covid than in Italy (without the green pass and the crackdown on unvaccinated people)

    Other than closings or even just a Super Green Pass at restaurants and maybe soon to go to work. United kingdom Boris Johnson He doesn’t seem too afraid of the very rapid spread ability of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, nor does he seem ready to impose any of the drastic measures that are being introduced in many European countries, including Italy. However, this strategy, which aims to limit the freedom of citizens as little as possible, does not cause any catastrophe, as some catastrophes predicted, and the number of deaths in relation to the population is even less than in our country.

    At the moment, according to Our World in Data, Italy has 2.4 deaths per day per million inhabitants, in Great Britain 2.08. From June to November our country fared better than the British but in mid-December things changed and the trend continued to turn against us, despite the fact that we imposed the Super Green lane for restaurants and bars and very strict party procedures, while London introduced a mask obligation only on public transport and in Inside and passport vaccination only for major events. The January 4, 2022 bulletin recorded 170,844 new infections and 259 deaths, in the United Kingdom there were approximately 219,000 new infections but only 48 deaths.

    The British strategy is “working” to contain the spread of the Omicron variant, campaign agent Maggie Thrope, who stressed that “the number of hospitalizations is much lower than in the same period last year”. It is important that we follow the data,” the minister said, repeating what is now London’s mantra, responding to the concerns of those who are calling for stricter measures like those in Europe.

    The British continue to focus everything on vaccination, and even without imposing the permissibility of vaccination, but only appealing to the common sense of the citizens At the moment, already, more than 34 million people, more than half of the population, have received reinforcement. In Italy we are 20 million and 400 thousand. The protections guaranteed by the recall, with priority given to groups at risk, also helped maintain manageable levels of hospitalization at the moment, with 13,254 people hospitalized in the UK, in fact slightly more than in Italy, which is 13075.

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