Home sport In the Tokyo Olympics, he will compete anonymously: ilSicilia.it

In the Tokyo Olympics, he will compete anonymously: ilSicilia.it

In the Tokyo Olympics, he will compete anonymously: ilSicilia.it

Towards exclusion of sexy

What are you about your profile is An unprecedented setback for Italian sport. A few months after the Tokyo Olympics, it was postponed for this year due to the epidemic Italy Is about to be kicked out of the Five Episodes event.

The reasons we are now moving towards punishment by the International Olympic Committee is the reform in sport promoted by the Conte government (the so-called Yellow and Green CEO with M5S and Lega) Which deprived Kony of her independence Transfer of jurisdiction to the governmental sports and health organization.

The status granted to CONI does not comply with the regulations of the International Olympic Committee, which does not allow participation in the National Olympic Committees that are not independent. The situation, already known and reported for some time, has not been resolved in recent months even with the intervention of a reform from the incumbent Sports Minister Spadafora.

At this point, Italy is increasingly likely to be excluded by the International Olympic Committee From participating in the next Olympiad in two days With the country it will end up in the same way as Russia (excluded in the government doping case) and Belarus (for complaints lodged by local sports institutions against President Lukashenko and the treatment reserved for some athletes).

The Italian athletes will compete anyway, but they will at the bottom The International Olympic Committee badge (As happened to Russia at the last Winter Olympics) With independent modeWithout knowledge or anthem to play if you win a medal.

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The only way to save the science (and above all) in extreme cases is to debate before January 27th Agreeing to a law that would restore cosmic independenceIt is a difficult prospect for reasons of time and for political reasons within the majority.

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