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In the Alleghenic Family “Luna Rossa: Origins and History of an Immortal Masterpiece”

In the Alleghenic Family

Second appointment online with sailing. In Famiglia Legnanese, Tuesday evening February 9th, “Luna Rossa: Origins and History of an Immortal Masterpiece”. Event with Legnano Host, Legnano Carroccio, Legnano Castello Le Robinie, Parabiago Host Lions Clubs, Rotary Club Busto, Gallarate, Legnano “Castellanza”; Bust, Gallarate, Lignano “Ticino” and the High Milanese Gardens.

Legnano – scientist Sailing sport Italian is going through new feelings in recent weeks with 36ª America’s Cup Taking place in Auckland (New Zealand) where The team scored Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli.

Chance that The Najania family He didn’t let it slip by because there are industries and men who have participated in competition events over the years.

Thus the association, President Gianfranco Bononi In the lead, systems, withMembership of Lions and Rotary LeganesTwo evenings about it Connecting America’s Cup experts and association members online.

The first link (read here) with 300 members Happened there In the evening of February 2, at the headquarters of the “family” library where is the Well-known sailor Tiziano Nava, Already a tactical from Azzurra, and Board Member Piero Re Fraschini, Passionate sailor and manufacturer of high-tech items for boats, She presented the topic “America’s Cup: What It Is, Its History and Most Important Moments” in photographs and films.

A story made by brave men about their navigation strategies and materials It revolutionized the sport of sailing, Beginning with the first competition in 1851, during the World’s Fair in London, when the British Royal Yacht Squadron in a course around the Isle of Wight challenged the New York Yacht Club with 14 boats, which it had won but not defeated in 24 other challenges in the United States, until 1983 when Australian competitors took over and there was the first Italian boat participation: Azzurra.

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The Americans still beat El Morro de Venezia in 1992, while New Zealand won two more by defeating Italian challenger Luna Rossa in 2000. In subsequent competitions, Switzerland and the United States, and in the final edition of 2017, the New Zealand team that holds the trophy and now in Auckland is waiting to fight for the Copa America with the winner of the three competitors in the preliminary stage or the Prada Cup: United Kingdom, Italy with Luna Rossa already beat the American boat.

And only Luna Rossa: Origins and History of a Timeless Masterpiece Dedicated in Second online meeting Tuesday 9 February 2021, Direct from Luna Rossa base in Auckland with Stefano Bertrando, Member of the Luna Rossa Challenge Team.

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