In Telwynium, let’s try to tell two Sierra-style focused adventures

    In Telwynium, let’s try to tell two Sierra-style focused adventures

    We played the first two chapters of The Telwynium, a series of free-to-play point-and-click adventures that harken back to the Sierra OnLine classics.

    In Telwynium, let's try to tell two Sierra-style focused adventures

    Willows Den village, destroyed by Shadowfell. Having managed to escape at the last moment thanks to the power of Aldor Dwinn, protagonist Pendar Calden and his companions decide to head towards Aldarris, known as the White City, in search of shelter and fortune. adventure tyloenium It starts with the group resting around a fire. We are in a forest and the atmosphere is calm and absorbent, as Montale puts it, but the setting is adventurous in style Sierra Online From the early 1980s, so with 16-color graphics and low-resolution screens in full Creative Interpreter 0 Sierra style, with clear references to King’s Quest and Quest for Glory, it has something oppressive, shrouded in impenetrable shadows.

    Classic point and click adventure

    In The Telwynium, Sierra's scent is very strong
    In The Telwynium, Sierra’s scent is very strong

    For the sake of clarity, Telwynium is a point-and-click adventure series of which only the first two episodes are available at the moment. It does nothing to impress us nor does it actually try. After all, it is a very small production and completely free, developed for jam use Power Quest, a tool for Unity dedicated to doing 2D adventures, created by one of the game’s authors, Dave Lloyd. Even the graphics, which are clearly meant to tickle a nostalgic audience, aren’t enough alone to understand why it’s already become a cult series among fans of point-and-click adventures. To understand this, you just need to start examining our surroundings and talking to other characters.

    While using texts only approx Rove is strongThe development studio, known for its massive output of indie games that oscillate between nostalgia and experimental, has created a rich and immersive world, unfolding naturally in dialogues and descriptions. In a few taverns, we learn about the hero’s past and his relationships with his current traveling companions: his childhood friends Tane and Wyatt, the grumpy Otarr Stronghorn, a large terracotta and stone construction used by Aldor Dwinn to escape from Shadowfell and others we’ll get to know during the short adventure.

    Yes, because Telwynium worked the small miracle of telling a date Addiction in less than an hour, which is the time it takes to finish the first chapter. The experiment is repeated with the second, which is in complete continuity with the previous one and which lasts more or less the same time (only twenty minutes longer). Be that as it may, while we are still in the jungle and doing some activities necessary for the survival of the group, several events occur in quick succession, leading to events that will be developed in subsequent sequences. Let’s say one character is killed, another gets sick, and another ends up hanging in the woods. We will therefore have to try to understand what is happening using the clever user interface created by the developers, based on some basic actions, such as moving, scanning and collecting / interacting, all associated with specific icons, which we must also dedicate ourselves to solving simple puzzles that make up the backbone of the game.

    Download The Telwynium

    As mentioned in the article, the two currently available chapters of The Telwynium are completely free. You can download them from by following the links below:

    Let me tell you

    Image from The Telwynium developers
    Image from The Telwynium developers

    Having finished both games, we can say that what got us most involved with The Telwynium was its ability Tells A good story that weaves deep relationships between the characters, between more relaxed moments and very tense ones, despite being made up of a few screens and not resorting to those who know tricks. Everything that happens on screen is logical and linked to the mythology of this world that remains, for the most part, in the background, but is always present, slowly revealing itself. And so we get to know the emotional relationships and strength between the characters, and we discover the plots that will be developed in the following chapters, and we witness some interesting and dramatic twists, which completely shuffle the cards on the table and lead to an important development of the plot in the second act, and we discover that what seemed to be the small story of a group of Runaways is actually something bigger.

    The visual aspect of The Telwynium is a misunderstanding, in the sense that the gameplay itself is very far removed from the scent of Sierra that pervades the player as soon as the first graphic screen appears, as it relies more on dialogues and descriptions than clever puzzles. . There are some puzzles to solve, but you never get stuck and there’s not all the phase rebuilding that characterized the old exponents of the genre. Here everything runs smoothly, without major hitches, revealing the pure taste of the story which is clearly the driving force that moved the developers. Resorting to the graphic style of Sierra classics is more of a trick to position the game in some way, instantly making it clear who you’re targeting. Which is definitely not a bad thing, considering it’s an adventure really worth living and supporting in some way.


    • An adventure worth living
    • Retro graphics style is fun for old gamers


    • Where are the new chapters?

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