In Peru a new opportunity to check – OA Sport

    In Peru a new opportunity to check – OA Sport

    The 2023 Shooting World Cup is back in the international limelight with its fourth round of the season: which will be held From the 13th to the 18th of April in Lima.

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    In the Peruvian capital, for the interpreters of the rifle and pistol competitions, there will be a new opportunity for confrontation before the spring and summer, which promise to be tight and hot, as they will lead to the absolute world championship in the second. Half of August in Baku.

    Archery, Lima World Cup 2023: Sofia Chicarello will represent Italy in Peru

    So no more joking and even Italy, albeit to a lesser extent, is ready to return to the race, after the stop – by logistical choice – noted on the occasion of the CdM in Bhopal (India). In fact, in the blue house, Sofia Chicariello will be the only one to represent the choice of the tricolor: an important choice that fell on the Emilia-Romagna region who won the 10m and 50m rifle competitions, netting for bronze in the mixed team of the European Compressed Air Championships held in March In Tallinn (paired with Danilo Dennis Solazo), he has to meet again.

    And the rest of the world? Interest as usual in Asian representation, China in the lead, and the rest of Europe without diminishing, in this case, shooters from all over the American continent: from the United States to the host country of Peru.

    So all that remains is to sharpen your aim and make your shots as close as possible to the center of the goal, in a phase of World Cup shooting that can tell us a lot about both the present but above all the ancient future of 2023 .

    Photo: UITS

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