“In love with Juventus. I wanted it with all my heart, and I hope to win a lot here”


    I love the DNA of JuventusNever give up until the end. Me too and I really wanted to wear this shirt. At the end of my career, I won’t want to feel remorseAnother declaration of love Dusan Vlahovic against Juventus. Words Spoken at the Turin International Book Fair, on the occasion of the presentation of the book, by Guido Faquiago “Vlahovic – It does not end here. Thus, a phenomenon was born“.

    Vlahovic: "We have to win again"

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    Vlahovic: “We have to go back to win”

    Vlahovic: “I adore Juventus’ DNA. Prandelli? I will thank him for life”

    And the Serbian striker continued:I don’t like talking about myself as a hero. Suppose I hope to become one someday: there is still a lot to do. Cesar Prandelli? Talking about it excites me. He pushed me forward, supported me with all his skills and opinions, and for that, I will thank him for a lifetime. I will always be there for anything for him, for which I am grateful. I hope to see him soon. To this day he is the most important athlete in my career and in my life.”

    Vlahovic: "Cesar Prandelli?  Talking about it excites me"

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    Vlahovic: “Cesar Prandelli? Talking about him excites me”

    Vlahovic: “Pressure at Juventus? These are the people who work”

    Then Vlahovic goes back to talking about himself and Juventus: “I am very clear what I want. Suppose that one day I hope to be written into history. Having said that, I have not set myself goals too far: I am currently thinking of growing with Juventus. pressure? Let’s talk about football, in life there are many more important things, it is about the two factors. We just have to play with passion for Juventus“.

    Juventus, Vlahovic: “The Champions League is a completely different story…”

    The Serbian striker also dedicated some ideas to Federico Chiesa: “We shared a locker room for three years Fiorentina And now we find ourselves with Juventus. I hope he recovers soon from the injury: I can’t wait to play with him again.” Then there’s the Champions League: “I scored on my debut against Villarreal, fact. And I understand why everyone says playing this quiz is a unique passion. The atmosphere, in fact, is something exceptional. First match seen on TV? AC Milan – Liverpool 3-3. But I was five years old, and my dad told me that“.

    Vlahovic: "The Champions League is a completely different story..."

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    Vlahovic: “The Champions League is a completely different story…”

    Juventus, Vlahovic: from basketball to football, passing through the family

    And finally the personal aspects:For me, family comes first: I’ve worked hard in football to make her proud. It started with basketball, it’s normal in Serbia. It was my first passion. Then with my friends I tried football and from there I never stopped. Italian Language? I hope, one day, to speak it perfectly. I’m a speaker, I’m curious, when I find a word I don’t understand, I always ask about its meaning. I’m outgoing, I like having lots of friends“.

    Juve Report Cards: Bernardeschi Karim, a real striker Vlahovic

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    Juve Report Cards: Bernardeschi Karim, a real striker Vlahovic

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