In Ivrea, Behroze Bhushan and his powerful story as a refugee held in captivity

    In Ivrea, Behroze Bhushan and his powerful story as a refugee held in captivity

    Iveria. Outside the salon, Citizenship Active Zones and The Great Invasion Festival united to present, Monday 22nd, at 21pm, in Zak, of Behrouz Boojani’s book No Friend If Not a Prisoner of the Mountains on Manus Island, published by add editore. The evening, entitled “A Journey of Enormous Scope”, will see the author discuss with Luca Mesculin, journalist at Il Post; Gianmario Bello, adding editor, will provide.

    An international success, translated in more than twenty countries, No Friend If Not the Mountains is at once an autobiographical novel, testimony, and an act of resistance. It tells of six years of imprisonment and exile, about the struggle for survival, health and dignity in humiliating conditions. The book is a mixture of genres, journalism, political commentary, philosophical reflection, mythology, poetry, and folklore, giving voice to the physical and psychological impact of indefinite detention.

    “Unlawfully detained by the Australian government–explain the show notes published by the publisher-” Boochani writes his extraordinary memoirs through thousands of Whatsapp messages. Ilam, Iranian Kurdistan. After intimidating and arresting some journalists, Behrouz Boochani secretly travels to Indonesia and from there to Australia, where He wants to apply for political refugee status.Australian military forces intercepted him, and he is held in the detention center for illegal immigrants on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.Here begins an intense campaign to denounce anti-immigration politics and the indignities of refugees: articles, documentaries, and this book is printed in Farsi on a mobile phone and sent it to Omid Tufejian, who translated it into English.”

    An Iranian Kurdish journalist, poet, and documentary filmmaker born in 1983 in Ilam, Iran. Bochani graduated from Tarbiyat al-Moallem University in Tehran with a master’s degree in political science and geopolitics. He co-founded the Kurdish Werya magazine, which was banned by the regime. In May 2013, he fled Iran in an attempt to reach Australia and seek political asylum, but after the Australian Navy intercepted him, he was held until 2019 at Christmas Island, Manus Island and Port Moresby centers in Papua New Guinea. In 2020, he was granted refugee status in New Zealand. From his captivity, he contacted journalists and associations, denounced and documented the massive human rights violations within the Australian camps, and managed to attract international attention. In 2017, he won the Amnesty International Prize in Australia for his articles on the human rights of refugees, and in 2018, in Italy, he was awarded the Anna Politkovskaya Prize for Journalism by Internazionale, and again, he won the Victoria Prize in 2019. The award is among others. prestigious awards.

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